GTX MSI 1070 Aero OC, OC and bencmark problems!

  Viktor W. Brassøe 16:21 25 Jan 2017

Hello guys,

I recently got my MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Aero OC 8gb in the mail. I wanted to overclock it, because I heard that it really could help your fps, after watching several videos about it, i still dind't get it.

I also tested out some of my games, to see the FPS on them. BO3 the FPS was good, and there were nothing to complain about. After playing a bit of GTA V, i realised that i only had about 40-50 fps, even with high-very high textures. I do realise that GTA V is a CPU based game, but i still thought that my GPU had a big impact on it, and as i see it, my older graphics card, and handle it nearly just as good. I'm not the best at PC's, so it could be great if you could help me with this.

The benchmarks i've seen online, is also alot better than mine. With achieving around 120 on 1440p ultra settings on the Heaven bencmark, where i've only gotten 40-50fps (with a 1080p monitor, but still 1440p settings) Is it my CPU or the overclocking of some sort?

My MSI Afterburner: click here PC specs: click here alot. :)

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