GTX 1060 6GB Performance Issues

  Gemmy51 04:13 29 May 2017


I've had my GTX 1060 for a good almost 6 months now and it's been good to me. Recently in the past month, I've started to see some weird things happening. I see my FPS drop randomly when gaming and I can't seem to figure out why. I also see massive FPS drop when I look around decently faster in games, such as Minecraft. The biggest annoyance for me is that in League of Legends, my FPS will drop from 120 to 70's randomly and I also believe it hits about 1 sometimes in the middle of those 70 FPS moments, as it is a COMPLETE stutter, not just a noticeable FPS drop. This happens when nothing intensive is going on either.

Here are some things I've already looked into:

  1. It is not being bottlenecked, as this is my build --> click here
  2. It is not overheating, as it sits at 32C idle and a max of 59C when gaming. (Nor is my CPU, as it is 25C idle and 50C gaming).
  3. Task manager is no help to look at, as I'm only using ~30% of my CPU in total and ~40% of RAM.
  4. I have an SSD in which the games I am playing is on, so it's not an issue of my HDD not able to keep up.
  5. I have also updated and after that didn't work, reinstalled my drivers for my video card and still have the issue.

So my question is for you, what do you think I should try next?

If need be, I can post my dxdiag log here as well.

  KEITH 1955 15:36 29 May 2017

what av do you use , some gobble ram whilst doing background scans and slow things down , to check for faulty ram type windows memory diagnosis into your search box , if results are good thats something less for you to worry about.

  Gemmy51 15:45 29 May 2017

I use Avast, however, my usages for RAM and CPU never spike, nor does my Storage. I recently got a second monitor to help diagnose this issue and I keep GPU-Z, SpeedFan, and Task Manager open on it at all times when playing games to try to see if anything funny is going on when I have this issue and I've seen no spikes in any of the RAM or CPU usages/temps or anything weird that GPU-Z could tell me such as voltages, temps, etc.

  Gemmy51 16:33 29 May 2017

Memory test came up with no errors. Uninstalled unused programs and took almost all of my startup programs off just to have a sort of "Safe Mode" to make sure no other programs I have are influencing my PC during gameplay. Used CCleaner to clean my registry as well, although there were not many errors at all. I ran it before I uninstalled programs and had about 6 minor errors. After uninstalling I had a few more as expected. FPS drops still persist.

It's also very inconsistent though, as it is hard to replicate. It just comes and goes as it pleases and it can happen immediately when I start games or it can take hours. Hard to test to see if the things I do are fixing it, as I don't have all day to play video games.

  riblo 26 17:20 29 May 2017

Try cleaning out your PC from dust maybe it's a minor short somewhere. Is your power supply powerful enough to handle your system. Unplug and plug back in peripherals, the video card, and RAM.

Hope this works

  Gemmy51 02:30 30 May 2017

I'll do that tomorrow but looking into the case doesn't show any dust, I guess it could be a loose cable? I just played a game of League and it started dropping again. Like I said, nothing out of the ordinary with my usages, even on my GPU. I turned down all of the settings on League and it showed NO signs of improvement. Even my FPS stayed the same (is uncapped even). I don't have v-sync on either.

  KEITH 1955 08:42 30 May 2017

Is your computer connected to hub by wi fi , if so put your computer as close as possible to your hub.

  Gemmy51 22:11 30 May 2017

Going to jump into a few games of League to test if unplugging and cleaning my case improved it. If I make another post after this one, my problem is fixed but if I don't then it still persists.

As for my internet, I am on Ethernet with 60mbs down 5mbs up and the lowest it gets is 40mbs down 3mbs up. My ping sits around 30ms in League of Legends and I can't physically see it in Minecraft but I doubt its much higher than that.

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