GTA IV seems not to like windows 7

  G4V1N 08:56 26 Apr 2010

i bought GTA IV and i was multi-booting with XP and VISTA and it seemed to work on both of them fine.

i installed windows 7 and then installed GTA IV again and when i now play it on Windows 7 every time i go round a corner it starts jittering.

your help is apriciated..



  MAT ALAN 15:11 26 Apr 2010

click here
you need to install it in "compatability mode"

  Pineman100 16:00 26 Apr 2010

"every time i go round a corner it starts jittering."

I sympathise. My old Ford Focus is the same.


  Devil Fish 18:31 26 Apr 2010

got it running on window 7 64 bit and its fine no issues at all

what spec is your system

  G4V1N 18:52 26 Apr 2010

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.8Ghz
Corsair matched pair ram 1GB each = 2GB
Asus P5QL-E Motherboard
200GB Sata HDD
ATI Radieon HD 4830 512MB GDDR3

  G4V1N 18:53 26 Apr 2010

My Windows 7 32bit Operating System

  Devil Fish 19:09 26 Apr 2010

with the exception of the graphics card 880oogtx your specced pretty much the same as mine processor and ram identical

few thing to try

1st head to the control panel and windows update check otional updates see if any are available for your graphics card

2nd is the game patched up to date

3rd if you have a usb pen available use it as mem boost this made quite a difference to the performance of my game

hope these suggestions are of some help


  G4V1N 19:14 26 Apr 2010

i am on a internet dongle and the company who own it might have blocked the upating service for GTA as the might have blocked it as games

But i will try all of your suggestions



  Devil Fish 19:38 26 Apr 2010

may be the patch size that is the issue it weighs in at 160meg and you may have some sort of usage policey attatched to the dongle

if you have a freind with broadband patch can be downloaded from click here

stick it on a disk and install from their

  MAT ALAN 21:50 26 Apr 2010

You don;t need any patches "compat mode" should surfice...

  G4V1N 07:01 01 May 2010

I Have Tried Compatability Mode and it is the same.. Still Jittering....??

So I dunno what is up with it..

anyone able to give me more ways of getting it to run moer smoothly

Help is appriiciated ;-)



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