evo six 12:52 11 Nov 2003

HI to all

I own a sony vaio GRT815m and want to install xp pro, at the moment its running xphome.

With the laptop I got a recovery cd, but wanted to know if I come to install win xp pro will these drivers work?

Has anyone had any experience of a fresh install on this machine?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

  Giggle n' Bits 14:15 11 Nov 2003

of upgrading to Pro.

  Jester2K II 14:45 11 Nov 2003

Me neither. You'll also need the drivers for all your hardware (mobo, grahpics etc) as well as the XP Pro disk.

What real advantage does Pro have over Home for you?

  evo six 19:20 11 Nov 2003

Well I dont no, personally.

Just that I took my laptop to my uni to use in the libary. They provide you with a wireless network card, and with xp it should basically be a case of plug in the card into the laptop an surf the net ye.

but that doesn't happen, so i took my laptop to the computer servies department and the guy who checked it basically said, that one or more of my windows files is gone corrupt or something bent has happened...something i must have installed might have writen over something...but they;re not sure what exactly.

Mines is not the only case...basically he said with win xp their havn't been any problems with anyones computers to connect wireless to the libary.

But their have been a fair few cases which are the same as mines.

He said one person reinstalled home an problem solved...but he said if i can install pro for sure the problem will be fixed.

So thats the advice im acting on

is that the write thing to do or he jus leading me by the nose!

  velodrome 19:25 11 Nov 2003

I see that they are teaching good English at the universities these days.

  Jester2K II 20:23 11 Nov 2003

He's talking out of his hat!

Can't see why Home Or Pro would make any difference in this case. He even said XP Home worked once.

Do you have an XP Home CD?

May post another thread here explaining what does / doesn't happen when you try to install the card. What spec the laptop is, the card make and model etc etc (more info the better). Maybe we can fix the card problem without resorting to reinstalling Windows.

  Jester2K II 20:24 11 Nov 2003

Maybe post another thread here explaining what.....

  evo six 18:33 12 Nov 2003


He said a recently recovered xp home worked…which on the first try experienced the same problem as what I am having.

He did say that they are still bemused by this problem, and as of yet have not found a solution…..but are working on it.

The most likely cause of why its not connecting was because a windows file(s) may have been corrupted.

Reinstalling windows wouldn’t be such a problem for me, because I just bought the laptop last week, so as of yet have not had a proper chance to install all I want.

It’s a sony vaio GRT815M p4 2.8 gig 512mb ram, 80 gig harddrive, windows xp home has two free pci slots.

The card is a wireless one, by cisco…I didn’t notice any other details about it though.

He did say run xp home cd an ‘repair’ windows from the options from the disk. I doesn’t seem sony gave a windows disk, rather a recovery dvd which I got a feeling contains windows an some of their preinstalled programs. I did browse it a bit, but didn’t find a repair option.

The reason he said xp pro was because this problem hadn’t yet been experienced on pro. The whole uni network runs pro.

Personally for me, im not fully aware of the differences of pro and home, apart from more security in xp and some network stuff.

I did find a folder on the C: titled drivers so I made a copy of that. The 80 gig drive is partitioned into 30 and 50 gigs, 30gig one being the place where windows an programs are installed and the other drive for data.

Am I right in thinking I can format just drive C, whilst leaving data on D:(50gig)

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