Growling HD

  Spr 21:01 09 Oct 2004

I am running Window XP Pentium 4, 2.40GHz. 30gb Partitioned HD (20& 10gb) I am using 6gb on the 20gb Partition section. I have a Raid card installed with a 20gd HD, used only for the children’s games. I have 512 Ram. From my HD there is a growling/grumbling sound & busy light stays on,every floder takes ages to open

  nick_j007 21:12 09 Oct 2004


Do ensure you are backed up as much as possible firstly.

Whilst no expert my laptop HD made some pretty horrid noises and performance deteriorated badly before it finally died.

Otherwise ensure your anti virus definitions are up to date and do a full scan, then defrag, then error check each partition/HD. Others may well have other thoughts I'm sure, but do the basics first eh? :-)
Think about scanning using Ad Aware or similar.

I also have found this site useful for ensuring there are no other possible issues going on. It is safe so let it do as it likes as you go along.



  smokingbeagle² 21:15 09 Oct 2004

Defrag, run AV, spyware remover and if no joy then download freeware HDD Health.
click here

  Dorsai 21:29 09 Oct 2004

I think this is a case of..

Back up Now. before you turn the PC off.

Incase it never turns on.

Go buy a new HDD.

The HDD is trying to say 'I am about to kick the bucket'. The question is, are you listining?

Hdd's don't growl. Dogs do. But duff fans do too.

But it may be a duff fan.

But the files take ages to open, so that sounds like a HDD failing.

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