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  KARINA 13:46 20 Jun 2003

Sorry group fc i had to start a new thread because my last one was ticked.........the problem i have is that in the instructions book for the a70 it says 'Aim the camera at the subject and lightly press and hold the shutter button halfway down. The camera beeps twice 'when the focus is set'.......but that's just it camera just comes up with an orange light (for the flash) when the shutter is pressed half way down.........but when the shutter has been fully pressed down it bleeps twice........when the camera is on auto and it focuses on the subject you see one or two green squares on the lcd display meaning that focus is complete........most of the photos i took were not exactly crystal clear when they were printed on glossy paper........but on the computer screen and lcd screen on the camera they 'are' quite clear...........the printouts weren't any clearer than my 1mpixel camera (the HP)............

  Danoh 13:59 20 Jun 2003

Hope you don't mind my coming in even though I do not have the exact same Canon a70 digital camera model;
I have a Canon s40 which seems to have the same operating basis as your newer a70.

The orange light is a warning, not just for the fact that a flash is required. I assume that your problem is that the camera does not go ahead to take a picture even when you press the shutter release button all the way.

If your battery does not sufficient charge for the flash, and it is required, then no pic will be taken. Could it be that?

My s40 has 3 optional focus zones rather than one. All pics are very well focused. Except when I do not have enough lighting and camera shake due to longer exposure times causes blurred pics.

Or it could be the photo printing resolution of your printer which can not differentiate between your lower spec-ed HP and the Canon (600 dpi or below).

  KARINA 14:03 20 Jun 2003 does take the picture - but the green light doesn't beep twice when focus is set when pushing the shutter half way down - as stated in the manual

  KARINA 14:04 20 Jun 2003

and the picture when printed does 'not' look focused

  KARINA 14:10 20 Jun 2003

Danoh..........when you press the shutter down - the green light goes on but it nothing bleeps twice as it should do according to the manual.........and where has group fc dissappeared to..........probably gone

  GroupFC 14:12 20 Jun 2003

Right I'm with you now. Fortunately I've got my camera with me at work today. As I said I do get the beeps when holding the shutter half way down. I haven't used the LCD much but I do get the one/two green squares.

There are options to have the beeps on or off, have a look at page 183 of the users guide, are you sure the sounds are swithched on, please bear in mind that I'm groping in the dark a bit here!

With regard to the printing, I suspect that it's the printer that's letting you down a bit here, if the shots were OK on both the LCD and 'puter. I haven't yet had to print out anything that I would want to keep, but when I did print some out as a test, they weren't very good but that is because I know I don't have a very good printer (I think its all to do with the resolution of the printer (dpi), but we are really getting to the limits of my knowledge here.

When I have any photos that are anywhere near half decent and I want a print made, I shall put them on a CD, and troop along to Jessops, who will print them up for you, and better I suspect than anything we can do at home!

Finally, I have had a couple of e-mails from forum members here about digital photography, when I get home tonight I will send you copies, as they may be of interest.



  Danoh 14:12 20 Jun 2003

Just tried mine ~ it doesn't beep at any stage during focusing right up to the shutter sound. Don't know where I've put my manual to check what it says in there.

If the image is clear on your PC screen and on the Camera's LCD screen, it would point to some problem with your printing? I find the opposite ~ there are details which comes out on my printer which I can barely see on my 19 inch screen!

Does your HP camera's pictures compare well to the Canon's on your PC screen?

Have added a link to this thread for GroupFC to find his way, as he has the same camera you do. But I don't know if you need to continue with your printing lines thread if we need to focus on your Canon printer instead.

  Danoh 14:13 20 Jun 2003

there you are!!

  GroupFC 14:15 20 Jun 2003

Give me a chance!

I was composing my reply!!

  Danoh 14:15 20 Jun 2003

You have brought the camera's user manual to work? My!! It must be Christmas again! :-)

  KARINA 14:18 20 Jun 2003

the beep is on.......i have checked p 183........when you half press the shutter the green light is on and the lcd reads '1/200 F2.8 and the green light flashes 'once' the shutter has been fully pressed down (after the picture has been taken)..............

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