Gripe about PC Advisor website!

  br1anstorm 19:15 29 Mar 2014

I know it's not kind to bite the hand that feeds you, and I need to start by saying that I value the information I get from the PC Advisor site and especially the forums, where some very helpful people lurk and respond.

That's the polite bit. But I want to ask - does anyone else get a headache like I do when using the site ....because of the number of scripts built into the web-pages?

I browse with Firefox and run NoScript as an extra security precaution. NoScript does what it says: blocks scripts until you "allow" them. In NoScript it is possible to "allow" entire websites (a whitelist). But I give very few sites that much freedom. Usually I just unblock scripts as and when I land on specific websites or pages. In most websites this usually involves a couple of scripts, and so a couple of clicks. Maybe 4 or 5 at most. But the PC Advisor site seems absolutely packed with scripts. Today when I opened the first page, I had to unblock no less than 38....

This gets a bit tedious. I just wonder why a site that is presumably designed to be easily accessible and safe has to run so many scripts. Is so much tracking, and advertising, a necessary inconvenience?

  rdave13 20:11 29 Mar 2014

Simple answer, I guess, is yes to your last question. I don't use NoScript so don't get the problem. As a matter of fact I don't use an ad blocker in IE at all. I use Spywareblaster and this site runs very well in IE with it. I do admit to running Ad blocker in Firefox, though, simply to get the pages to load faster.

Maybe time to reconsider if you need NoScript or find an alternative?

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:42 29 Mar 2014

"Is so much tracking, and advertising, a necessary inconvenience?"

If you don't want to have to pay to use the site, the answer is yes.

  br1anstorm 21:31 29 Mar 2014

Thanks, guys. As you have noted, my final question indicated that I was pretty sure I knew the explanation already. If minor inconveneience is the price of free access to the site, then so be it!

  rdave13 21:40 29 Mar 2014

br1anstorm, and I suggested to get rid of NoScript. That program would not be a minor inconvenience to me.

  spuds 10:07 30 Mar 2014

With the sensible use of ad-blockers, then this website can and will work fairly well!.

  Forum Editor 14:02 30 Mar 2014


"I wondered when this old chestnut would be wheeled out."

And I wondered when you, in your new persona, would wheel out your characteristic negative response. Frankly I wonder why, if you can't abide us, you bother to register a new identity and continue to login.

  martd7 14:34 30 Mar 2014

Aha i had thought mechkb was a previous forum member

  bumpkin 18:57 30 Mar 2014

Gandalf maybe

  bumpkin 19:21 30 Mar 2014

Or "Jake the peg"

  martd7 20:27 30 Mar 2014

I think its someone who was fairly recently banned BUMPKIN i darenot put the name on here FE may not want it known and of course i could be wrong sometime about 3-4 months ago

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