Grey shadow on screen of laptop

  Kim Veronica 11:08 22 Jan 2017

Hi...suddenly a small grey area of shadow has appeared on the bottom left hand of my laptop screen. I have a Lenovo Ideapad laptop. Any ideas of how to get rid of it or is this a repair job for Lenovo?. Thanks for any help.

  wee eddie 11:29 22 Jan 2017

If the machine is less that a year old. Take it back to the people you purchased it from.

  Kim Veronica 11:44 22 Jan 2017

I have now emailed Lenovo and awaiting a was purchased via amazon as a gift from my dad who is currently seriously ill in hospital so getting receipts and payment details etc is a problem, he really doesn't need to be worrying about this. Thanks for your input.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:38 22 Jan 2017

Kim, has this problem just occurred? If it has then from what you've said it could be condensation - especially if the laptop was brought in to the warm from a cold place........or perhaps it was very cold during the night.

If you think it may be that then leave the laptop screen on and hopefully it'll resolve slowly.

  wee eddie 14:04 22 Jan 2017

If it is less than a year old, you will lose many of your Warranty Rights by going through Lenovo.

You must go through the Seller

  Kim Veronica 14:42 22 Jan 2017

Secret-squirrel you could be right I will try that.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:58 23 Jan 2017

Has there been any improvement Kim?

  Kim Veronica 11:23 23 Jan 2017

Secret-Squirrel.....I think maybe a slight improvement but it definitely isn't worse and I have kept it in same place, forgot to leave screen on last night but its on all day now.

  Bris 18:42 23 Jan 2017

This link refers to LED TVs but applies to computer screens as well.

click here.

  Kim Veronica 09:16 25 Jan 2017

Secret-Squirrel i think you were spot has been gradually less over the past 2 days. Thanks for your input.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:42 25 Jan 2017

Thanks for the update Kim.

It does sound like a build up of condensation if it's gradually improving so that's a relief.

Modern laptop screens don't generate much heat so it may take a while longer for it to dissipate completely.

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