Grey Ink

  Octoz 21:00 14 Sep 2004

Does anyone know of a company that supplies grey and (seperate) black ink jet cartridges that allow accurate tonal range when printing black and white? I really don't want to use commercial print shops as I am rarely impressed by their quality.
My printer is a HP photosmart 7350. I know that HP don't do them for this model but wondered if anyone else did.

  Pesala 22:57 14 Sep 2004

click here

If it is available, they will be able to find it. They found refill toner for my laser printer when Epson told me it wasn't available.

  €dstowe 07:00 15 Sep 2004

Grey ink is very specialised and only works in printers designed to use it.

I'm not familiar with your printer model but, do the makers say that grey ink can be used in it? If yes then they should be able to supply the ink. If no, where are you expecting to put the cartridge? Be aware as well that the software must be able to accommodate the presence of grey ink.

Your comment about commercial print shops may or may not be true but, if you are dissatisfied with their work, complain. Only then will these people improve their services. Also, there are lots of print shops out there wanting business. If one can't produce satifactory results, go to another.

  Octoz 12:33 15 Sep 2004

Thanks, I am aware of the technicalities and have complained about the quality, it seems that too many people are satisfied with substandard prints.

Very helpful link, have contacted Manx and will await a response.

  €dstowe 13:59 15 Sep 2004

Let us know is you are successful in this.

  Octoz 13:23 16 Sep 2004

No joy!
will have to trust printshops again:-(

  jack 13:31 16 Sep 2004

As€Stowe say it is speialist and only some types of printer/software will run it - notably Epson
try wclick here

They are the ink specials with links to main manufacturers

  OwenLotts 16:23 16 Sep 2004

click here

At the bottom of this list

Grey Photo Ink Cartridge (No. 59) - Original(Reference #HPC9359AE - OEM14)

Price: £16.45 (£19.33 Including VAT at 17.5% )

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