Greeting Card inserts

  dms_05 12:49 29 Mar 2009

My wife would like to be able to print greeting card inserts, typically on A5 or A6 sized paper. She doen't need a complex graphics program just something that will print text and allow simple folding of a sheet of A4 to give the end result (of text in the correct place and correct orientation on a final A5 or A6 sized sheet). Can I do this in Open Office for example?

  MAJ 13:23 29 Mar 2009

"Can I do this in Open Office for example?"

Should be able to, dms_05. From the OO help file:

"Printing Multiple Pages on One Sheet
In Page Preview mode, you have the option to print multiple pages on one sheet.
1.Choose File - Page Preview.
2.Do one of the following:
To print two pages side by side on the same sheet, click the Page Preview: Two Pages icon on the Page Preview bar.
To print multiple pages on the same sheet, click the Print options page view icon on the Page Preview bar and set the options that you want.
3.Click the Print page view icon."

  dms_05 13:49 29 Mar 2009

MAJ thanks for that. However it only (appears) to print multiples of a single page on one sheet whereas my wife would want to print several different pages on a single sheet.

Perhaps I should be looking at a free Greeting Card program - except none I've seen do this!

  MAJ 14:12 29 Mar 2009

It will print four different A6 size pages on one A4 size sheet for me, dms_05, you wont , obviously, get four A5 pages on one A4 size sheet, only two. If you want to use the A5 size, you could just use the A4 page with two Columns and print out the single A4 ssheet and fold it along the gutter between the columns. You can do the latter by going to Format > Page > Columns tab.

  dms_05 14:16 29 Mar 2009

MAJ - how do you insert the 4 pages into the preview mode? I select 2x2 from the multi button and this shows a single A6 in the preview, how do I now add 3 other pre-prepared pages? I'm obviouslt missing something!

  dms_05 14:37 29 Mar 2009

Solved that bit myself. I had 4 individual sheets not 4 pages of 1 document! However now some of the pages are upside down when folded (and some are potentially on the wrong side of the paper). I can solve both but it's not very simple for a non-PC User like my wife!

I think I need a purpose written program!

  Jim Thing 16:17 29 Mar 2009

Try it this way. There are probably slicker ways of doing it but this one will work.

Using OO Writer, proceed as follows to produce two single-fold A6 inserts of 4 sides each from an A4 sheet.
For A5 inserts (one per A4 sheet), proceed as below but omit steps (c) and (d) of para. 2

1. In the Format menu:

(a) Select 'Page'then click on 'Page' tab. Set paper size to A4, choose landscape or portrait. Set page layout to 'Right and left,' set all margins equal, and click on OK.

(b) Select 'Columns.' Set 2 columns, ensure that the AutoWidth box is ticked, and click on OK.

2(a) Choose your typeface and click on toolbar icon for centred text.

(b) Type text for Side 2 of insert, using Enter key to adjust vertical position.

(c) In Edit menu, click on Select All and then on Copy.

(d) Space down to desired position for text on Side 2 of second insert and click on Paste and adjust position if necessary

3. In the Insert menu:

(a) Click on Manual Break, then on Column Break, then on OK.

(b) Repeat para. 2 above, typing text for Insert Side 3.

(c) On completion, click on Manual Break, then on Page Break.

4(a) Repeat para 2 above; then repeat para 3 (a) and (b), typing text for Side 4 in L/H column of Page 2 and Side 1 in R/H column .

5. Print Page 1, remove it from printer, turn it top-for-tail (known in the trade as 'work & tumble'), re-insert in printer and print Page 2.

6. Cut printed sheet into two equal pieces and fold.

Dimensions of finished insert after folding:
Landscape: 105mm x 148.5mm
Portrait: 210mm x 148.5mm

NOTE: To prevent text on the second side from being printed upside down, it's important to 'tumble' the sheet(s) after printing the first side, i.e. don't turn them horizontally like the pages of a book, but vertically, like the pages of a wall calendar.

Hope this helps

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