Green words in text-adverts

  SachaBoo 15:42 01 Feb 2010

Good Afternoon All

I am getting certain (unrelated)words in text websites,including this forum,which are coloured green and double underlined in green. When hovering the mouse over these words a box comes up advertising certain microsoft products and with 'Vibrant Ad' written across the top.

What is this all for and can it be stopped?

Win XP Home SP3 IE8 on Compaq Presario V4000 laptop

Best regards


  mrwoowoo 16:08 01 Feb 2010

"What is this all for"
Advertising - pure and simple.
It brings in a little bit of revenue to keep the site going.
Just keep your mouse away from the green bits.

  sunnystaines 18:30 01 Feb 2010

if you use IE8 download the free IEpro software and block them.

block other ads too.

  SachaBoo 10:26 04 Feb 2010

Many thanks for the replies.

Best regards


  dasli 14:42 09 Feb 2010

useful info, thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:12 09 Feb 2010

...or if you want to keep the Internet free, click on a few especially the ones on here. It is not too arduous a task and life will continue.


  mrwoowoo 17:49 09 Feb 2010

A very good point.
Have occasionally click a few myself.
If it all helps to keep the wonder of websites free, with all the work that goes into them, then i'm all for it.
Considering the thousands of clicks we do a day surfing the web, a few clicks to open or close an ad or two is a drop in the ocean.

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