Green TV Picture ?

  Tinkey Winkey 20:34 08 Dec 2003

I have a 5 year old TV (Toshiba 2987DB).

Over the last year we've noticed a green tint to the overall picture which we can't adjust out.

I'm guessing this could mean the tube is on the way out ?
Is this really likely on a TV only 5 years old ?

I bet someone in the Helproom knows about TV's...

  john-232317 21:59 08 Dec 2003

Treat yourself to a new tv, it doesn`t owe you anything after 5 years work. ;-) they have talkies now !

  hugh-265156 22:23 08 Dec 2003

if you have sky,cable etc check yor scart leads are pushed in firmly.if one side is out a wee bit the colour can go a bit green.

if it does the same when playing video or dvd then as dadyassa says,its maybe time ask santa for a nice big widescreen upgrade.

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