green lines of interference / pixelation on screen

  mmfa 09:04 12 Apr 2006

since installing Norton Internet Security 2006 I'm getting random patterns of "green interference lines" and out of place pixels on screen from boot up all the way through to windows xp.

tried removing / reinstalling Norton and restoring system to earlier time but still get "interference".

Windows works fine behind the "interference".

Could it be a monitor problem?

any ideas what the problem is??

system is only a couple of years old.


  Stuartli 09:19 12 Apr 2006

The most likely cause is your PSU not being powerful enough or on the way out.

I had the same problem with an ATI Radeon card but, in my case, swapping it for an nVidia equivalent cured the problem.

I also installed a new 500w PSU a little later as the nVidfia card alone required at least 300w and, preferably, at least 350w.

  mmfa 12:13 12 Apr 2006

thanks for the suggestion.

I'm running an ATI Radeon card...

PSU - Power Supply Unit?

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