green lines across recorded video

  cider country bumpkin 11:32 12 Jul 2004

Home built system, Abit motherboard, Raedon 9600 PRO graphics card, AMD 2400+ CPU, 512Mb RAM, Avermadia EZCapture video input card. Recorded analogue video captured using Sonic MYDVD is shot through with horizontal green lines which dance up and down the screen. Have varied the input source (different VCR's) and tried recording TV output from VCR, same green lines. Preview picture is perfect. Task Manager when recording shows CPU usage around 30%, memory usage 170Mb. Recordings made with the Avermedia software have no green lines but the picture quality is rubbish. Any help very welcome!

  €dstowe 13:06 12 Jul 2004

I'm not familiar with that software but check throughout that the TV system on the capture is consistent with the system you are feeding into the capture device and with the system you want.

By system I mean PAL (UK and many other places) Secam (France and some other places) and NTSC (USA and Japan).

Feeding a PAL signal into an NTSC setup can give a similar effect to the one you are experiencing but usually you get a monochrome picture as well.

  cga 13:56 12 Jul 2004

I had similar problems with SONIC products and never did solve it. I have used various other products (ULEAD Visual Studio Trial,Video2DVD) with success. To be honest - I found these superior anyway. You can download a 30 day free trial of ULEAD. I will try Pinnacle Visual Studio before deciding which to buy.

  cider country bumpkin 22:06 15 Jul 2004

Thanks Guys. It was my own fault, I was inputting a signal from a VCR but the software was set up for a DVD input. There's no accounting for stupidity...........

  stalion 22:15 15 Jul 2004

stick with mydvd it is easy to use and I have used it for a long time now with no problems.your not stupid we all miss the obvious sometimes,Regards

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