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  The Tetrahedron 11:21 07 Mar 2010

Hi guys,

I am currently experiencing problems with my current browser Opera.

When browsing the web Opera can end up using 80 or more megabytes of memory. Even when I only have one tab open and no videos playing memory usage can be pretty high.

At other times I can be browsing in the same way and Opera will only be using about 30-40 megabytes.

I use CCleaner and Tune-up Utilities, I have disabled unnecessary services and Vista features such as Aero so my system is pretty trim.

When browsing my computer can at times sound like it is performing a full virus scan. This cant be right?

Any help or suggestions on how to solve this would be much appreciated.

  birdface 13:14 07 Mar 2010

click here
maybe use one of your other Browsers just in case.

  The Tetrahedron 13:31 07 Mar 2010

Hi Buteman,

Thanks for the link, I wasn't aware Opera had such a vulnerability.

My main problem is how much memory Opera uses. It doesn't crash it just uses large amounts of memory which doesn't seem to relate to what I am actually doing. I have also had this problem with Firefox, which is why I switched to Opera.

The problem seems to be intermittent, sometimes memory usage will be high, other times it will be normal. I still cant understand why my Browser dose this, very odd.

  birdface 14:03 07 Mar 2010

Never used opera before so cant really help you with that.
What does Task Manager say is using up most of the CPU.
I know that there is also a bug in Firefox 3.6 what about I/Explorer have you tried that.
Mind you I use that and it can be a bit slow at times.

  The Tetrahedron 15:00 07 Mar 2010

Hi Buteman,

No worries, I am starting to think it's my computer setup.

When Opera starts using large amounts of memory my computer is still responsive and CPU usage is very low. However my fans are far from quite.

I may use IE, I don't mind it being slow, just as long as it doesn't use lots of memory.

  birdface 21:40 07 Mar 2010

I don't like the look of the yellow lines on this.

click here

Maybe find a few tips here in Google.

click here

  Woolwell 21:51 07 Mar 2010

Quite interesting - I've just had Opera, Firefox, IE8 and Chrome running the same website. Firefox had by far the biggest memory usage 150,000k, Opera 80,000K, Chrome 53,000k and IE8 45,000K. This surprised me.

  Woolwell 21:54 07 Mar 2010

Closing and re-opening Firefox gave a better figure of 75,000k. It's quite interesting to see how the memory usage increases visiting PCA.

  SirMetal 22:00 07 Mar 2010

I recommend switching your browser to Google Chrome. Chrome may use 8mb more memory than IE8, but the speed increase is worth it.

  The Tetrahedron 11:13 08 Mar 2010

Hi guys,

Thanks for the links Buteman, it looks like the main browsers can be quite heavy on resources.

I have switched to I8 and I have seen a huge improvement. What’s strange is the memory usage is pretty much the same as Opera, yet IE isn’t putting any noticeable strain on my computer which remains quite. This may because IE is split in to 2-3 separate processes in the task manager.


I really liked Firefox, however I was also surprised at the amount of memory it used. It also started to act very odd. I would close it, yet it would still be running in the background. I would have end it by using Task Manager.

I tried that, I also used CCleaner, however even after a restart memory usage would climb, quickly.


I have thought of trying chrome, however after my experience with the other browsers I have decided not to. I think there is a Microsoft conspiracy at work here. A windows browser seems to work better on my Windows computer than any other, so far anyway.

  birdface 11:26 08 Mar 2010

If you have just updated to IE8 check your add-ons are enabled and try Spywareblaster if you use it you will probably find the protection may need to be enabled on that as well.

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