Great site for newbie designers

  [DELETED] 07:09 26 Nov 2003

Just wanted to share this site with everyone: click here

I discovered it while looking for cgi tutorials and it's great for newbies as it explains everything in plain English and doesn't assume much prior knowledge.

It has helped me, I hope it will help someone else :)

  [DELETED] 22:43 26 Nov 2003

Hi everyone.

I have created a website in frontpage 2002. The site is connected to a database which holds info on Dvd Players, Mp3 Players etc....

It works so that when i click a hyperlink to the dvd page, it goes to the relevant page and displays all the records held in the dvd table.

What i want is to have just one additional web page that will display all the details of a selected record.

I have absolutley no idea how to do it. so any help would be great!

(If i have made sense that is.....) Thanks

  [DELETED] 22:44 26 Nov 2003

oops! Sorry posted this in the totally wrong place!!


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