Great, A Browser Hijacker!

  Cluelessone 17:00 01 Aug 2013

Boys and Girls

Your assistance please.

WIN XP sp3. IE8 & Chrome. BT Netprotect plus and Malwarebites.

Definite browser hacker at work and possibly more. Internet barely unusable.


-Lots of “Ads not from this site”

-Constant redirections to unwanted sites.

-Constant “This tab has been recovered..a problem with this webpage caused IE to close and reopen this tab”

-Unable to run Windows Update (The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view).

Steps so far: Updated and run Netprotect and Malwarebites. Disabled all add-ons

Tried System restore.

Uninstalled/reinstalled Silverlight and Java.

Most “fixes” I’ve seen seem to involve installing half a dozen anti-malware programs and posting endless logs. Just occasionally it fixes the issue. Anyone have an answer to all this please???

  lotvic 17:50 01 Aug 2013

Try the solution on click here for the "Ads not from this site" there is no posting of endless logs involved and no programs to buy etc.

  The Kestrel 18:52 01 Aug 2013

Did you run a full scan using malwarebytes on your PC in safe mode? If not, try that next. You didn't say which antivirus you are using and whether or not you have run a scan with your antivirus. If you did, was anything found by the AV?

  Cluelessone 19:13 01 Aug 2013


My antivirus program, as mentioned is BT Netprotect plus (by McAffee). already scanned, nothing found. i have already run Malwarebites, but not in safe mode, I'll do it now.....

  Cluelessone 20:00 01 Aug 2013

Just finished. nothing detected...

  rdave13 09:09 02 Aug 2013

Check that 'use a proxy server' is not ticked in Lan settings . Internet Explorer, tools, internet options, connections, Lan settings. Download Rkill from here. If it won't let you, try downloading in safe mode with networking. Stay in safe mode and run Rkill. Now run Malwarebytes antimalware and see if it picks it up.

  onthelimit1 10:28 02 Aug 2013

Woth running the free Kaspersky rootkit killer, too


  Cluelessone 10:33 02 Aug 2013

Bear with me....

Hitman found the offending article but then brought the whole system grinding to a total halt. Just backing up in safe mode before I try to restore normality........

  Cluelessone 12:00 02 Aug 2013

Still struggling.

Ultra slow and a few crashes. I think ADWcleaner must have removed something important along the way...

I'm now running Scannow from the disc.............when it suddenly occurred that I'm running a basic XP disc to repair SP3. i'ts about half way through, any bets as to wether it will work???

  Jollyjohn 12:28 02 Aug 2013


Go Start Control Panel Add remove programs Un install IE8

OK the warning about services not running when ie8 removed Reboot when prompted

Run Windows update to get ie8 back

This will remove the nasties that have hijacked your browser.

  Jollyjohn 12:33 02 Aug 2013

Ooops forgot 2nd part

Once IE8 is re installed

Go back to Add and remove programs and look for anything installed recently, about the date you first noted the problems, and uninstall the programs.

If you use system restore, create a new restore point and then delete all the others.

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