Graphics - what do I need

  Oxyjon 18:27 22 Feb 2003

Howdo you know if a game will play on your pc when it says you need

8mb directx 8.0 compatible 3D card (min)
32mb RAM
Directx 8.0 compatible sound card

my pc has W 98
celeron 553mhz
64MB dynamically shared with graphics (DVMT)
Intel i810-L DirectAGP-DVMTshared video memory
Houston mother board
64 Voice Stereo sound

(not that I know what all that means)

  Lú-tzé 19:13 22 Feb 2003

I think you should be ok.

But: your video graphics are shared with your main system RAM. Do you know how much of that you have? One way to find out is to right click on "my computer" and choose properties. It will tell you there the amt of RAM installed. You will need about 128 to get a decent view on the game given that some of it is given over to the graphics card.

What version of Direct X do you have? You may need to upgrade to version 8 - go to "start" "run" and type in dxdiag which will tell you. If you need version 8, go to MS update site and d/l it. Don't go for version 9 though.

Any more questions, feel free to ask.

  Oxyjon 19:33 22 Feb 2003

thanks for the help -it says i have 191.omb of Ram

  Lú-tzé 20:54 22 Feb 2003

That could be 256 mb with 64 given over to your video, in which case you should be ok to play the game. If you have the game, install it and see how it goes - I think it will be ok, if not wonderful.

Or go to www. pcpitstop .com and run their tests - they will give you a fairly accurate idea of the capability of the machine. click here

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