graphics upgrades? need new psu?

  jimity 11:39 26 Dec 2009

Hi guys,
I've been given a few games this christmas and feel my graphics card needs to retire.
Its a XT1650 Pro 512 and is finding Call Of Duty World At War tough going.
It plays the game but at lower settings.
I've a Dell 8300 Dimension 3Ghz HT which is still standard, but with 3gigs of mem and a seagate 500gb h-drive, and a Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card.
I think the best options are the ATI AGP 3850/4670 range. The questions I have are
1. Are these suitable cards for my rig and if not any recommendations would be appreciated.
2. I'm assuming I must replace my PSU (250w) to do this, if so can you recommend one that will suit,thanks

  Audio~~Chip 13:09 26 Dec 2009

You graphics Card is a ATI XT1650 Pro 512MB AGP card. THe Dell PSU is very underated and low at 250w.

Your problem is replacing the AGP card with something that has more kick and there isn't much arround for this now as PCI Express has replaced the AGP slot's on motherboards.

I agree you need a bigger more humph AGP Card and if you can find one then that is one thing sorted. The PSU I would recomend something about 500w - 600w to be on the safe side. Also making sure any replacment AGP card if it has its onw Power Conector like a 4pin Power required from the PSU itself. So matching PSU to the AGP card.

At the end of the day. you will be limited and I would consider a replacment machine depending on your funding or sourcing a second hand AGP card of Ebay.

Have you seen any AGP cards you were looking at, maybe post here and we can have a look.

  jimity 14:30 26 Dec 2009

Thanks Audio,
I was thinking about the below graphics card

click here

paired up with the below PSU which looks a close physical fit, but can this run with a motherboard with AGP slots?

click here

  jimity 14:44 26 Dec 2009

and here is the 4670 i'm looking at, which might be a better choice as the 3850 mightn't be much of an improvement on what I already have.

click here

  GaT7 18:21 26 Dec 2009

Yes, a 4670 will be the best option.

Dell underrate their PSUs as Audio~~Chip says. This means that they can output more than what their lowish wattage figures suggest. However, it would be best to upgrade the PSU just to be on the safe side. You don't need a 500W one. A good quality 400W one will also do - e.g this Antec click here or this Corsair click here (let us know where you're located, so we can look for an alternative retailer if applicable).

Note that you'll ideally need a PSU without an on/off switch. Otherwise apparently one needs to do a modification to get it to fit - see this related discussion at the Dell forums click here. G

  GaT7 18:25 26 Dec 2009

The Corsair CX 400W at Komplett Ireland click here, saving €13 from your original choice. G

  jimity 09:40 16 Jan 2010

Thanks guys, I went for the 4670 card and a generic 500w p/s.

Both installed and working superbly, thanks again

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