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  unclesam 11:36 26 Feb 2003

Can anyone help me with this....
I downloaded belarc advisor and it tells me my mobo is an intel se440bx-3 AA722396-106
On the crucial site i followed the links and it says my mobo does not support AGP?????????
So how come dell says my pc has an AGP card (16mb nvidia tnt by diamond) and also in my bios its set to AGP.
Is belarc wrong or are there more types of mobo than listed on the crucial site?
Basically i want to know ....will a geforce 4 64mb mx440 card fit my mobo and will it work well with a P3 450mhz chip and 448mb SDRAM

  unclesam 11:45 26 Feb 2003

I just got an email from says the following cards are compatible.....ATI Rage Pro 128 16 Mb Video Card
STB TNT 16MB AGP Video Card
Diamond Viper TNT 16MB 2 Speed AGP Video Card
Mid Range 16M High Perf AGP Video card - Voodoo 3
Celestica/Nvidia TNT-64 32 Mb
NV 10 Plus Video Card
Ultra TNT2 32 MB 2X AGP
Diamond Viper V770D 32Mb 2X AGP Video Card
64MB DDR Card Revision
Clestica 64 MB DDR AGP Video Card
64MB Nvidia NV15 DDR........... is the 64mb NV15 DDR a geforce 2 or geforce 4???

  powerless 11:48 26 Feb 2003

geforce 2

  unclesam 11:55 26 Feb 2003

powerless do you know if a geforce 4 will fit my mobo?? I've had some conflicting advice

  unclesam 11:56 26 Feb 2003

and also is there much difference between a geforce 2 mx400 64mb card ..... and a geforce 4 mx440 64mb card

  powerless 12:28 26 Feb 2003

An AGP slot is an AGP slot.

There is...





The card you will be using will be an 4X card.

I can not say for certain that card will work in your motherboard. Unless anyone else has the card and motherboard, that can confirm that the two work together?

Your best bet is to buy the card, pop it in and see if it works. But make sure you can get a refund in case it cannot.

Performance wise the geforce 4 is far superior to the geforce 2.

  unclesam 12:34 26 Feb 2003

cheers ... i think i can go to AGP 2x ....... also there is a diffrence in agp slots ......... agp pro cards will not fit agp slots .........they need agp pro slot according to panther products web site...but if its a standard agp card it will work in agp pro slot

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