Graphics trouble

  Lazzer 17:07 30 Dec 2003

ive just setup my msi kt6 delta mother board and am running a geforce fx5200, ive got a amd athlon 2.5 gig xp barton processor and 512 of ddr333 ram, when im booting up it says im running a 1.9 gig processor and i cant find the setting in bios to alter it, how do i correct it? also i downloaded the newest drivers for my nvidia card and it keeps stalling when i try to play games, and im getting a few software conflicts but im getting them sorted, any help will be appreciated



2500+ AXDA2500DKV4D = 1833MHz Barton (Model 10) 333FSB (166.6 x 11), 512K cache, 1.65V, 85ºC Max Die Temp

Ok the XP2500 runs at 1.833. If it is showing up as XP1900 then you need to go into bios and look for the place to adjust the Front Side Bus Speeds to 166mhz.

TYhe graphics problem you may want to try and disable any anti virus program as they sometimes cause problem's. Where did you get the Nvidia drivers from?

click here is the place to get them, look for the 53.03 WHQL certified ones

  Lazzer 17:17 30 Dec 2003

i got them from the nvidia site, also i cant seem to download the detenator drivers either

  Rayuk 17:49 30 Dec 2003

In the bios look for
Frequency Voltage Control
Then change cpu fsb to 166

  citadel 18:18 30 Dec 2003

the fx5200 is not very good, no matter what you do it will lead to disapointment.

  Lazzer 18:24 30 Dec 2003

what do u recommend i get then?

  citadel 18:31 30 Dec 2003

fx5700ultra,or 9600xt.

  Lazzer 18:43 30 Dec 2003

any1 know of a site go get the detenator drivers?

  Rayuk 19:24 30 Dec 2003
  DieSse 20:51 30 Dec 2003

"i got them from the nvidia site, also i cant seem to download the detenator drivers either"

I don't understand - did you get them, or didn't you??

I've never had any trouble at all getting drivers from the nvidia site, so what exactly do you mean that you can't get them?

I have a GeFX5200 and never have the slightet trouble with it. IMHO it's probably the best budget card around. Though I admit to not playing any games with it ;-))

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