Graphics Tablet help please

  csqwared 19:18 09 Dec 2011

Absolutely no knowledge of these and was hoping to buy one as chrissie present - hint only just dropped by 'er indoors. She is on Win XP Pro, 2.8Ghz Duo Core CPU,2Gb Mem, 200 Gig HDD and Photoshop 6.0 software. Can anyone point me in the direction of something compatible around the £70 mark. She generally uses the software for colouring of scanned in drawings but might utilise it for drawing originals.


  Diemmess 19:48 09 Dec 2011

Wacom are far and away the best - I believe!

The Bamboo is currently their introductory model and about your budget if you shop around,

USB is the usual connection these days.

Any tablet behaves exactly like a pen giving fine enough control to write your signature.

Wacom change the names of their products quite often and I changed to a larger and more expensive tablet mainly because the pen is nicer to hold, and there's room to be more ambitious over the editing or freelancing you may want to do.

The small tablet size is not to be sneered at, it is quite adequate for most (home) users. All the pens have side buttons emulating left and right click and the nylon point is pressure sensitive.

Good software is packed with it an fuss free in use. In fact it can be used as well as the mouse though not at the same time.

If you want to use the mouse then park the pen in its holder, or if it is the pen you want just move the mouse away first and ignore it

  csqwared 20:47 09 Dec 2011


Thanks for the input, had a look on the website and that seems to fit the bill. It seems software is packaged with the unit but would you know if it would work with the software we already have installed?


  Diemmess 21:29 09 Dec 2011


Odds-on it will work with any version of Windows. Just make sure when you buy that it is not the Apple Mac version!

I don't use mine as much these days, but at one period I enjoyed using it and did so for everything until I realised I was on the way to a form of RSI in my shoulder. Instead of resting my hand as you do most of the time with a mouse, the hand was held in thin air by the muscles of my shoulder and the pen at the ready.

I'm short of desktop area and it takes a minute or so to set the tablet up after putting the mouse to one side. It is a fine tool for accurate tracing and photo editing if you have say Photoshop or Corel as I have.

  csqwared 15:50 10 Dec 2011

Tks for that. Problem (and chrissie pressie) solved.

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