Graphics tablet....

  nick_j007 20:47 30 Sep 2003

click here

I have been recommended this tablet, plus I believe I can get it for for £15.00. I would use it with Photoshop 7 mainly.

Any of you use it please?

Thoughts on this kind of thing would be welcome!

Nick Jones

  Dragon Heart 20:59 30 Sep 2003

1st class tablet for price, assume Serif have offered it @ £15 ! Newer version is USB2 (and more expensive) but if you have free serial port ..... buy it
Even the cordless pen and mouse came with batteries

  nick_j007 21:39 30 Sep 2003

Thanks Dragon Heart, I have a code to get one for that price from them (albeit a bit expired!).
No USB 2 on my lap top ;-( but a free serial port is ideal really.
I see on ebay a new one currently bid @ £6.50! Now everyone will be bidding!
I keep looking at this then thanks.


  dave h 21:44 30 Sep 2003

I got a USB 2, A4 sized Tablet for £30 from ALDI (a little while back), with a pen and a cordless mouse to use with it!

Always keep your eyes on Aldi, it pays off!

  nick_j007 21:55 30 Sep 2003

Ok Dave thanks.


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