graphics slowdown

  bigboab y 12:56 04 Mar 2003

Trying to fix a SIS 5589 with cyrix 333 fitted .. original setup would only run at 640x480 (whatever) screen.. but playing even simple games (like diamond mine) ,the graphics dragged like hell.. so i fitted a known good S3 virge PCI card and scrubbed the inbuilt Cirrus logic ... i now can run at 800x600 but the draggy graphics still there.. its got 64 megs of edo RAM,and a 2 gig hard drive plus windows 98se now suspect the mobo is nacked ... any advice out there.. apart from pick a window

  Lozzy 14:44 04 Mar 2003

The main reason for the sluggish frames is down to your Ram and Virtual Memory. I would recomend that you increase your ram and alter you VM to the max. The 2 gig hard drive in todays standards is a small HDD how much free disk space do you have? As that equally can slow the FPS (frames per sec) down to a crawl. You also state you upgraded your graphics card how much ram does it have? 8mb 16mb 32mb 64mb??

  bigboab y 16:44 04 Mar 2003

Virtual memory is at max (1.7 gigs) 64 megs should be good enuff to run simple games..the graphics card is only a 2 meg job.. will it be worthwhile trying AN EIGHT MEG JOB ???.. not entirely convinced

  Lozzy 18:48 04 Mar 2003

For games its an absolute must that your graphics card has a min of 32mb at best it should be 64mb. With it only having 2mb I am surprised you get anything.. wow!!! you must have some amount of patience

  bigboab y 18:51 04 Mar 2003

Its surprising lozzy... some of the old games can run on 75 mhz pentiums and dont need a lot of memory.. my grandkids love Super bounce out etc ..

  Lozzy 19:01 04 Mar 2003

Old games yes but newer ones are memory hungry.. I think you have just been very lucky so far..

Next time your out shopping have a look on any games box and what the min spec is.. I would strongly advise a upgrade in the Graphics dept for better and more enjoyable computing.. It will be money well spent

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