Graphics Problems on Games

  Will 20:42 02 Mar 2005

Just installed a new HDD and done a clean install of everthing which has gone well with help from you guys but I have another problem as follows: The games have been installed and we have Vietcong and Fifa football 2005. The games worked fine before the new disk instalation and the only hardware replaced is the HDD. All the game requirements are met and nvidea is installed, I have directx 9 on but where do I confirm it is installed and being used? Both games graphics are missing planes of colour and flickering. I have tried to play with the graphics options on the games but on joy there.
AMD 1400 processor by the way, do I need patches I wonder? Any help would be appreciated before my son and I come to blows.

  VoG II 20:44 02 Mar 2005

Start, Run, type in


and click OK. See if it finds any problems.

  Will 21:25 02 Mar 2005

very interesting useing the dxdiag but havn't got to the bottom of the problem yet. The diag said everything was ok, any other ideas anybody?

  Totally-braindead 21:43 02 Mar 2005

Since you only replaced the hard drive and I presume you did a clean install, the problems could be, motherboard drivers not installed, graphics card drivers either not installed or not installed properly or as you've mentioned the games may need patched. Regarding the third thing, patching, do you remember if you had to patch it before. If not then thats not it. Did you install the motherboard drivers after reinstalling windows?

  SimonC 22:12 02 Mar 2005

Wotcha Will
If u r using the latest nvidia drivers that could be the answer. Dunno 'bout vietcong but i know that those drivers gave me broken graphics in fifa 2005 and stopped my flat panel monitor with digital connection from running in digital. Made it display digital so I went back to 61.77 forceware drivers which solved all my probs

Hope this helps SimonC

  Will 14:01 03 Mar 2005

I think I had to find a patch, something to do with the motherboard and CPU compatability. The chip is an AMD 1400 but can't remember the mother board name (can I find this out with out opening the box again?)

  Will 14:06 03 Mar 2005

Just found my user guide for the motherboard, it is a K7T266 Pro2 and as I said it is partnered with an AMD Athlon 1.4G and 256Mhz Ram

  Will 15:31 03 Mar 2005

I have the refresh rate at 60 hz, would it do any good to increase that?

  bakes43 16:10 03 Mar 2005

Hi will i have the same problem as you with FIFA 2005, I to have just installed a new HDD it did the same with my old HDD i think it has to do with FIFA and it seems to work with nvidia's 61.77 drivers as Simon says, am also playing MOH pacific assult with no problems

  Will 19:35 06 Mar 2005

Thanks everybody. After checking all the quipment and ensuring I had all the drivers I thought it would be good to go but obviously I was getting ahead of myself and was surprised to find out it was that the driver was "to new". Though I was sceptical I reverted to nvidia's 61.77 as baker43 and it sorted the problem. Thanks everybody again.

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