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  [DELETED] 18:27 06 Apr 2006

Hello i wonder if someone can help me.I just realised that i seem to have a problem with my graphics with certain games.It seems to do with the FPS games.When i play the games i get all the background graphics alright and action sequences but i dont seem to be able to see the moving figures in the game they seem to be invisible.I dont know when this started but the graphics drivers i have are the Nvidia 420X i updated them with the latest drivers before Xmas so i dont know if thats the cause.I use Win98SE on my computer its a 466 Celeron.I tried to uninstall the latest drivers but i ended up uninstalling the original drivers and not the latest but in the end i manage to reset the original drivers but i am now unable to get rid of the latest ones.The graphics dont seem to affect my other strategy games just the FPS types i use to be able to play them but i havent for a while until now when i discovered the problems.The other thing i noticed recently is the icons on my files kept changing to showing a different icon from another game or the icons on the desktop etc until i cleared them by rebooting the computer.I hope someone can understand this problem and ive giving enough detail hope to hear from someone soon thanks.

  [DELETED] 19:55 06 Apr 2006

I would perhaps have a look at the game developers website and see if there is a patch. I am assumming that the game always did this and hasn't just started doing it since you installed the drivers.

  [DELETED] 20:11 06 Apr 2006

I would have thought your system was getting a bit old to play the latest games. Try opening Control Panel, system, hardware, device manager and display adaptors, you can reinstall drivers there.

  [DELETED] 20:17 06 Apr 2006

Hello thank you for your reply.No i was able to run the game in the past without any problems.It was only when i bought a recent FPS game that i noticed the problem and thinking it was because the specs of my computer might be the problem i left it.But when i tried this older game i still have the same problem i cant see any people moving just the the guns shots firing.The trouble is i accidentally uninstalled the original Nvidia setup that i had with my card instead of the latest drivers.But i reinstalled the original drivers but i now get an error message when i try to uninstall the laresr drivers from the startup computer program control.Hope you can help thank you.

  [DELETED] 20:39 06 Apr 2006

Hello i forgot to mention that my Nvidia graphics card is 64MB and i have 256 RAM installed.Yes i thought it was because of the recent game specs that affected my computer.But i discovered that the problem was more deep seated when i played an older FPS game that was within the specs of my computer and it was airight in the past.I also have the latest DirectX drivers as well can that cause it? I hope i dont have to reset my whole computer again to reset the graphic cards etc.Hope someone can help thanks.

  [DELETED] 22:53 06 Apr 2006

Can you give an example of the games that don't work properly?

And the games that do?

  [DELETED] 23:15 06 Apr 2006

Hi there i first realised that i couldnt see the characters in a game called Sniper Elite.I accept the the specs on it are quite high but the game i tried out where the specs were within my computer range is called Iwo Jima it was a cheap game the specs are a pentium 266 for Wins98SE directX 8.0 8 MB 3d Accelerator.Ive just tried out a game ive got called Shadow Force i seem to see the units in that.But in another game i just recently bought called Pilot Down i could see the individual person but some of the writing text explaining what i had to do was missing it requires a 800 processor but ive been able to run other games in the past reasonably well without that sort of trouble.Unfortunately i havent got anymore time to try out a few other FPS games at the moment i ll try some more tomorrow thanks.

  [DELETED] 23:44 06 Apr 2006

i would if i were you find patches from the games websites failing that check your dirextx settings just click start then run then type in DXDIAG

failing all that you could do a full reinstall of windows or buy windows xp.

  [DELETED] 20:59 07 Apr 2006

Hello i just thought i let you know that i have partly solved this problem.It was to do with the latest Nvidia drivers for Wins98SE which affected some of the FPS games causing the units to disappear.I manage to uninstall the latest drivers and gone back to my original ones.But like someone said the latest games like the Sniper Elite i was able to see the character at the beginning but when the actual game started it crashed and beside this problem i admit the specs for the game are too strong for my computer.Besides this i realise that the nvidia drivers can affect some games and stop them from working properly.If anyone has any ideas about this let me know thank you for your help.

  [DELETED] 05:02 09 Apr 2006

I've had update probs too,I updated my GeForce2 drivers a few weeks ago and it wrecked the graphics in my CFS2 Flight Sim, all the planes and buildings are now either jet black silhouttes or skinless ghostly images.
I could re-install my old drivers but that might mean new games I plan to buy won't work, so I'd have to re-install the new drivers again, a vicious circle..
(Anyway I can get round the black silhouette prob by importing new planes from download sites, most of them are graphically okay)

  [DELETED] 05:03 09 Apr 2006

PS I'm Win 98SE

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