Graphics problem, Win7, green artifacts

  Noitatohtori 17:27 08 Jun 2017

Hello, I'm running Windows 7 with AMD Radeon R9 270 Dual-X graphics card. A few days ago, I experienced a graphics glitch and system crash, after which my PC booted up normally. After a few minutes, the same happened again and after that I've had a number of green artifacts or severe distortion on my screen, depending on the display I've tried. The problem persists after switching displays and changing from HDMI to DVI connection.

I've also tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers several times by different methods, selective startup, shutting my display down for a period of time before rebooting, changing resolutions, etc, etc. Nothing seems to work.

Furthermore, I've also run into a problem where the screen stays black after startup just after the Windows logo appears and I should be directed to desktop. Sometimes the screen flickers a bit, but there is no picture. I can boot up in safe mode, however.

I suspect that my graphics card is broken beyond repair, but I've a dim hope that there's something else I can do, though I've exhausted almost all options I can think of from driver uninstall/reinstall to sacrificing a goat when the planets align.

Any ideas/solutions would be welcome. If you need further information, I'd be happy to provide it, although my computer expertise is middling at best.

  MJS WARLORD 17:37 08 Jun 2017

have you typed dxdiag into search box and run the program. also you will have some old card drivers in a folder in c drive , they stay there even if you delete them from download folder. I would recommend you try a copy of an old driver because years ago drivers were made for all individual cards but now they are made for "series" and sometimes they might not work on your particular card..... I use an aquarium screen saver program as a tester and if a driver makes it do odd things I know I will have a problem with something else.

  Noitatohtori 18:55 08 Jun 2017

I did the above and didn't work. Tried a different graphics card and it fixed the problem, so I guess I've gotta cough up the cash for a new card. Thanks for help, though!

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