graphics problem on new system

  techmob 00:59 05 Feb 2007

System specs

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz
Radeon X1600 Series
1gb corsair 6400 ram
320gb sata2
19" samsung syncmaster 940w

it is a new build and is running fine except for this one issue with the graphics, it does not matter which driver i use, even on a clean install, and i have formatted since to see if it was the installation and it wasn't, i have cleaned drivers and installed new ones etc

the problem is i get green verticle lines flash up on the screen for a split second, when i open certain windows, for example if i load dxdiag from run, the box that pops open produces the flash of those green lines, for a split second.. blink and you miss it - i have since resolved that particular instance by disabling agp texture acceleration, as i am using a pci-e card anyway, for some reason this has stopped that from doing it

if i goto a folder that has an mpeg file in, and set the folder to thumbail view, so it shows a preview of the file, i get the green lines flashing on the screen for 5 seconds, and yes i have counted, it is 5 seconds everytime, its really annoying

it happens when i am moving from different windows/box's

now to the more stranger part, if i have a session on remote assistance open to show my friend the problem, it doesn't do it (this could be a classic case of the computer making me out to be a liar) but i swear for some reason, there is something that stops it from happening, if i am not in a remote assistance session, it will do it 100% of the time guaranteed

now a similar thing happens with media player, if i have media player open, say for example i am watching a film, this problem does not happen,but as soon as i close media player and do the thumbail thing to test, it does it again

now i am not sure if i have a faulty graphics card, as again and i can stop this problem from happening if i turn down hardware acceleration for my graphics card and stick it half way

"disable all direct draw and direct3d accelerations , as well as all cursor and advanced drawing accelerations, use this setting to correct severe problems with directx accelerated applications"

it all works fine then, but one slight problem, i cannot view video or do anything 3d related bah!

if i do not have a video driver installed and xp use's it's generic driver, i do not have the problem

but like i said, i have cleaned installed xp, have installed different drivers, completly removed old drivers before installing new ones, this means removing them from the system32 folder, system32/drivers and removing any reference to them

i have ran 3d mark 06 to test the card to see if it falls over, it didn't but i got a score of

2181 3d marks

sm2.0 score - 754
HDR/SM3.0 score - 826
CPU score - 2125

now i do not know if this is any good for my card or not, but i did notice the tests were running at a very low FPS from 1-10 on all tests

if anyone knows if thats a good or poor score for my card+ system then please let me know

other than the above, i am loving me new system, but this annoying problem is niggling at me, and i am debating sending the card back as faulty, but i really do not know if it is, and the other computer in my house is an agp system so i cannot swap a card to test it out, so i am kind of in limbo with that

sorry for the long read, but it really is a strange problem and i could do with a different opinion on this matter

it has left me puzzled

many thanks

  techmob 14:44 05 Feb 2007


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