Graphics Problem Need Help

  corc2 09:39 24 Jun 2003

Up until yesterday morning I had no problems with my system:- Athlon XP 1800+,80GB HDD, 256Ram, Geforce2 400, SB Live. I bought Command & Conquer Renegade and tried to install it. It gave me an invalid page fault error. Subsequently I have installed DirectX 9.0a and reinstalled the latest drivers for my graphics card and been on the PCAdvisor Hotline and EA telephone support. In dxdiag, the Direct3D test fails on all counts. I've tried disabling/enabling 3D and other remedies from the 'net. I have just run a memory tester and it says there are no compatible Direct3D devices! What should I do now? Uninstall graphics card - if so how? I updated to latest drivers 2 weeks ago. Could it be main 256RAM memory module that is faulty? Please help. Andrew

  pcgal 12:34 24 Jun 2003

Andrew I would uninstall video card and start over..........uninstall via device manager. Just click on card under display adapters and remove.
The system will re-detect the card when you re-boot ..goodluck.....pcgal

  Bodi 13:32 24 Jun 2003

Can't you just go back to a previous back-up, which would uninstall DX9 and the game? Or is this too far back?


  corc2 18:23 24 Jun 2003

Thanks for the replies. I've finally resolved the problem. The updated drivers for my Geforce2 card were not compatible for some reason. I removed the drivers and re-installed the next recent drivers. Everything seems ok, sort of - problems with game locking up - I've yet to see if DirectX 9.0a drivers cause any problems. Thanks again for taking the trouble to reply

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