graphics problem causing computer to restart????

  fredo3 19:24 07 Jan 2004

Hi,I built my computer from second hand parts (all working perfectly well in other computers) but I'm experiencing a glitch with the graphics card (I assume).....I tried to install dr divx codec pack and windows crashed out to the POST routine just as the installation was nearing its end. I also set my aquarium screensaver from the winxp addon pack and after a few minutes same thing....crash back to POST! but the sytem runs fine on other screensavers such as the robot circus. The graphics card is from creative geforce2..motherboard is gigabyte 7vtxe with 2000xp and 256 ddr266. Ive tried different drivers from nvidia but no good and everything in device manager looks! thanks

  PA28 19:47 07 Jan 2004

Oh the old story. Just because a set of components worked perfectly well in a previous life (or box) doesn't mean to say that they're going to cohabitate successfully in a new one. In this case, no doubt others will advise differently but I'll revert to my normal extreme. Firstly make sure that everything is properly connected and none of the cards wobble. Try to work backwards, unistalling the software that you think caused the problem (I suspect you've done this already). Make sure that you only have one of the Nvidia drivers on board - the older cards could get funny if you didn't uninstall the old drivers completely before installing the new - there's a program around called Detonator Destroyer which was effective in blowing old ones out of the water. And if all else fails, a clean install of the OS and known good drivers may be in order (well, it might be the quickest way to fix matters). Then go gently.

  fredo3 20:00 07 Jan 2004

yeah thanks for that pa28.....I did uninstall the graphics driver before trying other drivers.

I've used this card in an MSI board with no problems and xp automatically installed a standard nvidia driver for the card during windows installation.

But after this installation I checked device manager and was informed that the device could not be started and it had a yellow exclamation mark next to display adapters. It took ages to try and get windows to successfully load a driver for the device. Maybe this is just a compatibilty issue between gigayte & creative????

  PA28 14:01 08 Jan 2004

Hmmm. Bump to the top for other ideas.

  fredo3 14:11 08 Jan 2004

pa28 I sorted it!!! I'm a jerk ....This motherboard will only take up to 1800xp.

I was running on 2000xp...dohhh

thanks for your interest

  PA28 22:13 08 Jan 2004

We live and learn! :-))

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