Graphics not diplayed or green artifacts occuring.

  Goofy Goof 18:52 30 Jan 2017

Hi, my problem is kinda strange. Recently out of blue, my PC stopped working normally. On my graphics that are connected to PCI Express windows stops booting right after windows logo. When I switched to my integrated intel card it did boot but displayed green artifacts over everything that is darker color.

I've noticed that if my drivers are unistalled and graphic card was working on basic 800x600 it behave similar to integrated intel card. As soon as I've installed drivers and restarted the system it went black.

This issue is only visible under OS. During boot or in UEFI everyhing works fine and no artifacts are displayed

So far I tried: - checking temp - everything seems fine - checking voltage in bios - differences are in 0.01 - switched system from win 10 to win 7 - installing older drivers - checking output with and without graphics in PCIE and checking with integrated card disabled. - Checked on second monitor but I does have only VGA port so checking graphic card was not an option.

My specs are: Motherbord: Killer e2200 Processor: Intel i5 -4670k Memory: 4x4gb memory Graphics: Radeon R9 240 Power supply: Corsair rm750

Anyone have a clue what I should check? I do not have any spare parts.

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