Graphics / Jumpy DVD / System Crashes interrelated

  goll_y 20:07 30 May 2003

Hi there I've got big problems. Basically, I've got Windows 2000 Professional and have WinDVD 2.0 and the newest version of InterActual Player. Basically I've gone to dxdiag and have run Test DirectDraw and Test Direct3D. I've got problems seeing the rectangles and also viewing the graphics on the spinning cube.

I've also got a jumpy picture when playing DVD's and the system ALWAYS tends to crash after a period of time when viewing them (I get a frozen screen and long humming sound although the CPU fan still goes around. (I also get a system crash when just using the computer eg internet without DVD).

My specifications are as follows -

System Model - VT8363
Bios - aNK7VZA Ver 3.2b
DirectX 9.0a(4.09.0000.0901)
I've got Processor: AMD Athlon (tm) Processor, MMX, 3DNOW, ~1.0GHz. (nv4_disp.dll)(5.13.0001.1241)
Also 256 MB RAM
I've got NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64 / Model 64 Pro, DirectX 9.0 and Screen saver is off, 800x600 pixels.

Please help!
Do I need to download new drivers or perhaps replace them? How do I do this and where can I get some?


  crx1600 20:28 30 May 2003

looking at your other thread click here i wonder if you have followed any of the advice given.

i suspect the same as already mentioned, try removing directX9, go back to 8.1

i had similar problems with winME & dX9.

  goll_y 20:30 30 May 2003

how do I go back to Active 8.1?

  crx1600 20:34 30 May 2003

with winME i used system restore successfully.

i dont know about win2000.

maybe thats the question you should of posted :o)

  King Diamond 20:35 30 May 2003

Thats an old card is it not?

I would buy a new one (g-force) from here -

click here

Or get Detonator drivers from here -

click here

Just download them to a folder of your choice. They automatically install themselves once you click on the setup icon. Some people will say un-install your old drivers first, but I did not and have never had any problems, but u may wish too.

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