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  Mr Window 19:43 16 Jan 2004

I'm having a little trouble running a game with my new graphics card. The card is a Ge-FORCE FX 5600 XT 256 Mb one and when I play Pro evolution soccer 3 it's really slow unless I put the resolution down to 800x600 and then it still slows from time to time and the detail is not what I thought it should be.
My equipment is : 15" TFT screen not DVI.
Leadtek K7NCR18G Pro MB with built in graphics it has 8X AGP
XP 2400 Chip
512 Mb Ram

I've updated the graphic card drivers.
Can anybody suggest anything?

  Jester2K 19:50 16 Jan 2004

Whats the spec of the rest of the PC and what software are you running in the background (ie is your anti virus still running whilst playing the game)

  Mr Window 20:01 16 Jan 2004

Hello again, it's an 80 gig 7200 HD, the Ram is 2700 type. I don't really Know much else about it. The anti virus is command. Does that run all the time or just when you ask it to check things out?

  Jester2K 10:37 17 Jan 2004

The anti virus will probably run all the time. Is there an icon ion the system tray (bottom right of the screen) If so right click it and see if theres an option to close the program. Whilst your at it close as many others as you can.

  citadel 17:25 17 Jan 2004

have you disabled the motherboard graphics in the bios.

  Mr Window 17:51 17 Jan 2004

I've closed off all programs that is possible, still to no avail. Also been in the BIOS to check about disabling built in graphics as that's what it said to do in old magazine that was laying around, but couldn't find any mention of it. It's Phoenix/Award Bios and the orig built in graphics are Ge-force 4 MX equivalent. Could it be a BIOS setup? The manual for the MB is poo!

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