Graphics flickering \ stuttering whilst playing Games

  LordNelson 14:16 29 Jul 2013

Hey folks,

I've got this really annoying & frustrating issue and I'm left clueless.

It all started when I decided to give Napoleon Total War after quite a few months of not touching it.

As it started up, in the menu I noticed the mouse being extremely laggy and then screen flickering to black.

Whilst watching the opening cutscene intro the sound cut off whilst the movie continued to play and then the sound came back.

During gameplay the game would flicker to black and back to normal again.

I never had any of these issues before and as far as I know nothing has changed since to make it no longer work properly.

I updated drivers (I've got 560ti) and the flickering is still there and it even giving me CTD's. Originally any other game was fine it was just Napoleon Total War, so uninstalled it, deleted the mods I had on it, and redownloaded it. Still the same.

I verified cache. Still the same.

I Googled and found various solutions for similar issues (not sure if they are the same) and still getting no where.

Something has gone awry and I'm not sure how it suddenly started or even how to fix it.

Spent many days trying to solve it, with the issue getting worse to then getting back to where I started but still not fixed.

Now the issue seems to be effecting every game, with flickering to black screen often and stuttering whilst playing.

I've got a feeling that it may have had to do with the drivers, and perhaps I didn't uinstall them properly when trying to rollback and now any updates to the drivers just wont work properly.

Either that or perhaps something more serious and my Hardware is corrupted. I hope that's not the case.

Oh I also tried updating Motherboard drivers but still no luck.

Is the only way to Format PC or is there something you would advise?

Any help would be very much appreciated! As I'm at total loss :(


  nickf 18:00 29 Jul 2013

I have had one or two issues with some of the beta drivers issued by nvidia . It does rather sound like possible hardware going down the pan .

  Chronos the 2nd 19:16 29 Jul 2013

I agree about a possibility of a faulty GPU. A reinstall of Windows I feel would be a pointless exercise in solving this problem. If you had a spare graphics card to try you might be narrow the causes down somewhat.

  alanrwood 11:02 30 Jul 2013

Agree with Chronos, see if you can borrow a video card from a mate and see if it still has the same problem. Eliminating a hardware issue should be the next stage or you will end up going round in circles.

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