Graphics Flickering

  tnt115 18:34 26 Feb 2004

I have a Nvidia Geforce Fx5200 8xAGP and when i start a game splinter cell the intro works ok then on the main menu to start playing the graphics flicker and ive tried changing drivers but no good can anyone help me solve this issue thank you

  clayton 19:42 26 Feb 2004

Have you tried your copy of the game on a friends pc might be the cd ??

  tnt115 21:35 26 Feb 2004

yes i have works perfect on his pc

  Jester2K 21:43 26 Feb 2004

Whats the rest of the PC spec?

What resolution / refresh rate you using?

  tnt115 11:10 27 Feb 2004

My Pc spec

AMD Athlon 2800+
80 GB Serial ATA
Dvd drive
Crw drive
512MB DDR PC3200
Nvidia Gforce FX5200 128MB AGP 8x

the refresh rate im using is 60 hertz and the resolution is 1024 by 768 pixels

  mick the hat 17:31 27 Feb 2004

go into bios settings and see if yor motherboard supports agpx8,if so then change the values,or try to disconnect the cdrw drive from within the case,sometimes when the drive is about to die it can effect other hardware on your system!

  tnt115 18:15 27 Feb 2004

it supports 8x agp in bios but about drives dying its a new pc i dont think the drives are dying

  gudgulf 18:53 27 Feb 2004

Have you tried a lower resolution,say 800x600 to see what happens?

Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card.

I have recently had a similar problem with Call of Duty---that turned out to be a corrupted driver instalation.So you could also try reinstalling your graphics drivers.

  tnt115 18:59 27 Feb 2004

done that i got the latest drivers from nvidia 53.03 and it the graphics still flicker in the games i also tryed all past drivers and stil does the same

  gudgulf 18:59 27 Feb 2004

For the very latest detonator drivers click here

  tnt115 19:03 27 Feb 2004

thanks but i got a via motherboard does that cause my graphics to do this because it only happened when i installed the 4in1 drivers for agp drivers

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