Graphics Drivers Installation

  Lerm 11:17 23 Nov 2008

My Spec is:
Athlon 64x2 Dual Core 4600+
2.4Ghz 2GB RAM
OS Vista Home Premium
Motherboard M2N68-LA
Chipset: Nvidia Geforce 6150SE nForce 430

The graphics are integrated and when a more powerful PSU I've ordered arrives (the one the PC came with is only 300W) I am going to fit a modest Ati HD2600XT 256Mb for some light gaming of older titles of the last couple of years (i.e. not expecting to run Crysis etc).

What is the best way to go about installing the Ati drivers? Download the latest Catalyst drivers bundled with the suite or slot the card in and let Vista find them online?

And do I have to uninstall the Nvidia drivers first or not - because the graphics are integrated?

And the best way to go about that? Simply uninstall them via the Device Manager or get some software program that cleans them out?

The chipset of my spec, does that refer to the graphics drivers or the MOBO? Because they seem to be the same drivers according to the HP guide for the MOBO online.


  Jollyjohn 12:01 23 Nov 2008

When you are ready to install the new card, physically install it, when you switch on press whatever key you need to enter the BIOS, f2 or del usually. Navigate through and DISABLE the onboard graphics. SAVE settings and exit.
Computer will reboot and once windows starts install the drivers for the new card, first off from the cd that comes with the card. This will give you a functional computer. If you then want to change drivers, create a restore point and try them.
You could then uninstall the old nvidea software via add & remove programs.

  Lerm 12:27 23 Nov 2008

Thanks for that Jolly John.

That last sentence of yours: you meant Ati software didn't you? As the card I am installing is an ATi Not an Nvidia and the drivers that come with the card would be the ones to be removed when I want to update them to the latest Ati/Catalyst drivers?

And I know this is a silly question, just curious really, but - after just physically fitting the new card to begin with - if I go into the BIOS at boot up when having slotted in the card and then disabling the onboard graphics, when the system reboots, how is it I will be able to see the OS when the thing has booted up if the onboard graphics have been disabled?!

  citadel 15:49 23 Nov 2008

when you put the card in the slot and restart the pc the bios should find the new card and auto disable onboard graphics. you could try just installing the ati driver, use the one with the card or download the latest one and save to desktop so you can easily find it, then just double click to install.

  Lerm 16:44 23 Nov 2008

Thanks for that citadel.

One more question: the PC came installed with Nvidia Control Panel. Is it best to delete this before installing the Catalyst suite or can you just leave well enough alone without there being any conflict between the two?

  citadel 17:55 23 Nov 2008

you can delete nvidea drivers from the add remove progames in the control panel before shutting down the pc to install the card.

  Lerm 18:36 23 Nov 2008

Thanks citadel. Yes indeed, Control Panel to remove it. I just wondered whether it could be left but it was a silly question! No Nvidia card on there so don't want any Nvidia Control Panel complicating things, just clear the decks for the Catalyst Controller.

I'm going to go with the option of just inserting the card and hopefully the onboard graphics will auto disable. I've never had a problem doing this with a card on XP but asked because the OS is Vista and have heard all sorts of stories. If there is a conflict I can manually disable the onboard graphics as has been suggested and try again. Hopefully that won't be necessary!

Thanks for the responses folks.

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