graphics drivers

  keith-236134 20:22 06 Apr 2004

Im using XP Pro on a custom built pc, it has a Asus motherboard and a Athlon cpu. The graphics card is a Winfast A170 ddrt from Leadtek.The problem is on start-up. First it occasionally starts up in 4-bit and it wont change until the reset button is pushed a few times, then, after a while, it wont start up at all. It goes until the blue screen with welcome is due to be displayed then stops and goes back to the beginning again and the only way to get it to start up is in safety mode,uninstall the graphic drivers then reinstall them. After that its ok,for a while, then it starts all over again. I've got all the latest drivers.....HELP!!!!!!

  Giggle n' Bits 21:59 06 Apr 2004

are all running inside the case and is there one on the AGP Card ?
Also have you applied thermal soloution/conductivity paste to your CPU core, and is the memory a good match and not mixed ?

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