Graphics drivers

  Handy Spinner 22:01 29 Dec 2003

I have an old 120Mhz at my disposal and so I have reformatted the HDD and installed Win 98 in hope of setting up a LAN. I am positive that it ran at 256 Colours before the fotmat, but now it refuses to go highter than 16. I have tried downloading drivers - it is onboard graphics and the documentation with the PC says it is a Cirrus Logic 5446. However, if I try to install them, on restarting, I get a dreadful screen with a mess of's a bit difficult to explain but it hangs. What should I do to get the PC running 256 colours?

  midase 22:12 29 Dec 2003

You have probably got the wrong drivers. Download this tool and it will report everything about your system including what graphics you have and it should give you the location of new drivers. click here

  Handy Spinner 23:11 29 Dec 2003

Thanks, but I think that that tool will be too large to place on a floppy and run on the 120Mhz.

I made a backup of the entire hard drive before I reformatted it. Therefore the driver files should be on there - in theory. But how can I find the one I want? Is this possible?

  midase 22:16 02 Jan 2004

Sorry I have not come back to you, I've been away. You won't be able to retrieve the files in this way as they they get split up and are not available in one piece. Post back if you are still having problems.

  Handy Spinner 23:10 21 Jan 2004

Sorry I haven't posted 'resolved' sooner. I got the computers networked (with the help on a particular memeber on this forum ;)) and then transferred a utility like the one you suggested onto the other computer.

It worked! It told me what drivers I needed: I downloaded them and now the network is ready for gaming!

Thanks midase!

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