Graphics Driver for ME

  Terry Brown 17:39 13 Jun 2005

Help-- I ned to find graphics drivers for my ME machine,after a format, unfortunatly I do not have the Graphics CD--Motherboard--Taiwan M810LMR 1.0--bIOS--Aner103n 07ega.--What files do I need please.Tery

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:03 13 Jun 2005

Is this nborad graphics or do you have a seperate graphics card?

Not sure? Then download and run this Everest Home Edition click here to tell you exactly what equipment is fitted to your machine.

  jimv7 18:03 13 Jun 2005
  pj123 18:33 13 Jun 2005

The PCChips 810LMR motherboard has onboard graphics. You should have had a Mainboard CD that came with the motherboard. If you have since, installed a PCI or AGP graphics card you need to know what it is. I can tell you that one of my PCs with the PCChips 810LMR motherboard has onboard graphics and it is SiS630/730 but they are not all the same. You could also download Belarc from:

click here

once installed this will tell you what you have.

Post back when you know what graphics you have.

  dan11 18:38 13 Jun 2005

All the drivers for the M810LMR, I think. lol

click here

  pj123 19:14 13 Jun 2005

dan11, see there is the problem. The Asrock 810LMR is different from the PCChips 810LMR and could have a different graphics driver.

We need more information from Terry Brown.

  dan11 19:34 13 Jun 2005

Oh. I see. ;-)

  Terry Brown 07:46 14 Jun 2005

Thank you all-- I used BELARC (Have you seen the updated version ?)to get this information.I have downloaded the files from PCChips, in verious versions, hoping one of them will be OK.-- I bought the Computer second hand with no CD's but WIN ME installed.--I wil let you know as soon as I get a chance to install and test.

  Terry Brown 10:48 15 Jun 2005

I (eventually) opened the case to pysically check the system and found it had ASROCK (Thanks Dan11)graphics.--After a bit of searching and Testing I found the best one for my system was version v7.1.--Thank you all again--Terry

  dan11 10:56 15 Jun 2005

As pj123 pointed out, it could have been either the Asrock 810LMR or the PCChips 810LMR, something I was not aware of.

Main thing is, job sorted.:-)

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