Graphics Corrupt on Website

  Audeal 16:13 11 Aug 2004

I have been helping my brother who lives in Australia to put a Family Photo Album onto his website for the whole Family to view.

I have designed my own Album and all is fine. I have coppied my Album for him with some changes to the name of the Album and the links needed to go from page to page and then I uploaded the files to his webspace.

When I loaded the site to check the results, I found all the Graphic Files where corrupt. When I ran the html file they where all fine but only became corrupt when uploaded onto the web.

I thought that the distance (to Australia) might have something to do with it so I sent all the files to my Brother for him to upload. With my guidence He was able to upload the files and again the graphics where corrupt.

Can anyone please shed some light on the reason for this happening as I have run out of ideas. Any new Ideas will be gratefully received.

  Talented Monkey 18:55 11 Aug 2004

well unless you give a link to a webpage to see this, one can only guess. Two obvious things that spring to mind.

Firstly you are using a compliant imaage that can be read by browsers, such as a Jpeg or GIF format? If yo u upload a specific file for your own camera or imaging software then a browser will not be able to interpret it, thus getting a corupt look.

Secondly in which mode did you upload your images? There are two modes in which your files can be uploaded, ASCII or Binary. All graphics files should be uploaded in Binary format. uploading in ASCII can cause corruption. Consult your File transfer interface or software.

Well apart from having mroe infomation as to what format your images are in and actully see an example thers not much else i can think off at this stage. Hope this helps.

  Audeal 19:10 11 Aug 2004

Talented Monkey: Thanks for your reply. I do seem to have solved the problem now.

I believe it was something to do with the FTP Program I was using to upload the files with. I normaly use Terrapin, but I thought it might just be a little difficult for my brother as he has never done anything like this before and I did not want to confuse him more than needed so I used the program called Flash FTP. My brother had a copy of this program so it seemed to be the obvious choice as I also have it.

When I used Flash FTP It caused the corruption of the files. But when, after I posted this thread, I tried again using Terrapin The files uploaded without any corruption.

I have now rechecked the site (after a couple of hours break) and find them to be ok, so I will have to tell my brother to get Terrapin and use that instead.

Once again I thank you for you time and response and pray I don't have any more problems with it.


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