Graphics continuing saga Naesby

  Naseby 2 14:36 10 Jan 2003
  Naseby 2 14:36 10 Jan 2003

Can anyone out there tell me what the entry in device manager means VGA Compatable with a large? after fitting a new graphics card.Is it something that can be changed in the BIOS.My current card MX400 shows non compatable in system info.Sys.1400 AMD 300w PSU.Or is it something to do with my older IBM monitor?Naesby

  Colin 14:59 10 Jan 2003

It usually indicates that the proper drivers have not been installed for it.
What operating system are you using?

  Naseby 2 20:10 10 Jan 2003

Win XP I cannot get the drivers to install when the VGA compatable is in device manager Naesby

  Paranoid Android 21:26 10 Jan 2003

This could mean that Windows XP cannot find a driver for your graphics card, or it could mean that you have an on-board graphics chip that has not been properly disabled when using an add-on graphics card, and windows XP is trying to use that.

You will need to provide some clarification regarding your system.

If your motherboard has on-board graphics, and you don't want to use them, make sure they are correctly disabled in BIOS.

If not, then you need to obtain XP compatible drivers for your graphics card. Your graphics will run with limited functionality until you do so.


  Naseby 2 08:35 11 Jan 2003

Gigabyte 7vtx no on board graphics and the drivers will not install from the card CD or if using Nvidia Detonator drivers.I am advised that Windows XP should find the basic drivers first but does not do so. This is the third card I have tried but when putting back the original card MX 400 it find the drives at once even after an uninstall. Naesby.

  Paranoid Android 14:04 11 Jan 2003

It may be that the old drivers have not uninstalled properly. Try using Detonator Destroyer to remove them and set up fresh detonator drivers.

click here


  1st RHA 14:12 11 Jan 2003

out with the old drivers shut down put card in disable in bios and restart

  Paranoid Android 14:12 11 Jan 2003

Sorry, forgot you're using XP - DD won't work. I'll have to re-think.


  Naseby 2 18:22 11 Jan 2003

Disable what in BIOS?

  Rayuk 19:14 11 Jan 2003

How exactly are you trying to load the drivers?
Download the latest drivers from nvidia then just double click on them and they should automatically load.If not what error message are you getting.

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