graphics conflict with onboard graphics

  mickster333 00:16 13 Nov 2003

iam building my firsf system and i have got a problem with the graphics card iam using.
i think the problem is that it is conflicting with the onboard graphics.
motherboard is out of a hewlitt packard
the graphics card is a s3 trio64v+pci i also have a s3 savage 4 i could use if nessesary.
i have tried both of these and the problem is the whole system just stops dead unable to restart or reset can anyone help me with this i would be very greatful

  DieSse 00:27 13 Nov 2003

"unable to restart or reset" - really - even when you press the buttons on the case?

If so then you have probably not wired up the case buttons correctly. Also remember that to power off from the front button, you commonly have to hold it in for 5-6 seconds.

Re the graphics - have you disbaled the on-board graphics? .... does it still lock up if you only use the on-board graphics?

In my experience, lock-ups are more often due to RAM and/or software issues such as drivers.

  hugh-265156 00:29 13 Nov 2003

did you uninstall your onboard graphics via device manager,shut down the computer insert the new card,turn on,and then check the onboard graphics are disabled in the bios?

  mickster333 00:35 13 Nov 2003

i tried to unistall via device manager but im not sure how to do it in the bios.
when unistalled rebooted windows just re installed it im running windows me

  hugh-265156 00:51 13 Nov 2003

most modern mobos will auto detect if you insert an agp card and disable the onboard for you if set to autodetect in the bios,mine does anyway(amibios) but im told this is not always the case.

older hardware sometimes requires jumpers to be set too.

your motherboard manual should tell you how to do this.

look in device manager for you onboard graphics,right click them/properties and choose uninstall.

shut down the computer and insert the new card.

turn on and enter you bios,your motherboard manual will tell you which key to press or it should also say on the screen something like "pressF2 or del to enter setup" etc

once in the bios look for advanced/chipset and then "shared memory" or similar and set to disable the look for "plug and play" and set "vga boot from" or similar and set to "auto" if you can or "external" if it doesnt give you a choice for auto.

save and exit,let windows start and install the drivers.

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