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  Cyberbia 11:52 23 Sep 2006


Some months ago I installed an NVIDIA GeForce 6600 graphics card into my PC. This has 256mb of ram.

(I have a Sempron 2400 processor with 1Gb of ram and a 200Gb hard-drive that has a single Windows XP Home Edition partition).

Ever since installing the graphic card I get random system freezes - mainly when I'm either watching a film or something that is somewhat heavy on graphics - such as MS Train Simulator. However, the problem is sporadic. I can go for a week or two with nothing happening, then all of a sudden I'll have to re-boot it 3-4 times a night.

The PC completely locks up when it happens. Even ALT+CRTL+DEL doesn't work. I therefore have no choice but to press the reset button.

I've deleted and re-installed the driver a number of times but I always get a message telling me that the driver doesn't have a Microsoft Approved Cert - which sounds strange for a company like NVIDIA.

Any ideas anyone?



  Cybermaxx 12:00 23 Sep 2006

When you say you've re-installed the driver a number of times, do you mean that you've downloaded and installed the latest driver from the nVidia site, or are you just re-installing the same old driver (possibly from the CD that came with the video card?) over and over? You should try the latest drivers, anyway.

  ICF 12:04 23 Sep 2006

Down load the lates driver from click here

  rdave13 12:07 23 Sep 2006

This is Nvidia's latest driver. click here

Maybe worth monitoring the gpu' temp and check if seated properly.

  Cyberbia 12:18 23 Sep 2006


Yep, I downloaded the latest driver about 3-4 months ago - rather than re-install the driver that came on the cards CDROM.

Since posting the first message about 30 mins ago, I've had 3 system freezes - 1 was caused by my scrolling down a screen and the other was caused by a screensaver.

I'll have a look to see the date of the latest driver and install it if its within the past 3-4 months ...... but any other ideas would be appreciated that might point to the cause.

Cheers for the replies


  Cybermaxx 12:20 23 Sep 2006

Doesn't sound as if it is the driver, then.

  gudgulf 12:28 23 Sep 2006

Sounds more like overheating to me.

Open the caes and make sure all the fans are working and all the heatsinkes are free of fluu/dust.Likewise check all the case vents,particularly at the front lower part of the case.

Check you power supply fan is working and check that it is powerful enough for the over 300W and ideally over 350W.

  Cybermaxx 12:33 23 Sep 2006

Give Everest a go. See what it reports as far as temperatures are concerned.

click here

  Cyberbia 12:57 23 Sep 2006

Thanks for the Everest link. Looks a lot more user-friendly than SiSoft Sandra!

I've downloaded it and these are the Temperature results:

Motherboard - 86 Deg C
CPU - 28-76 Deg C
GPU - 47 Deg C

Doesn't look too extreme.



  Cybermaxx 20:28 23 Sep 2006

Motherboard 86 C?! That's a bit scorching, isn't it? Mine's at 28 C as I type this.

Are those temps. from just after an intensive 3D gaming session?

  ICF 19:28 24 Sep 2006

CPU 28 - 76 Deg c why such a big variation?

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