Graphics cards and Video editing.

  Inky 12:50 11 Mar 2004

I have been looking at buying one of the current batch of PC's to be able to transfer analogue VHSC tapes to DVD.

Does it matter whether or not the graphics card uses shared memory, which graphic card is installed, or will I have to buy a separate capture card whichever one is installed? My budget is less that £1,000 in case that has any bearing on the answers!

  stlucia 13:09 11 Mar 2004

You need some kind of TV-in capability to get the signal from your video into your PC. Some graphics cards will include this facility so, if you're buying new, it's probably worth specifying that. Otherwise you can buy a separate TV card, I believe.

I can't tell you about the merits of shared memory, though I can say that video editing does use lots of resources, so large memory and large HDD can only be a benefit.

  Iwasaki 13:18 11 Mar 2004

As pointed out by stlucia, get a spec with loads of RAM perhaps 1GB, maybe x2 80GB Hard drives, nice fast CPU AMD 2500XP barton core is sweet!

Graphics card atleast 128MB FX range or ATi new breed. Good PSU and away you go.

  Inky 14:05 11 Mar 2004

Thnaks guys - I just can't cut through the graphics card maze!

  Edstow 14:22 11 Mar 2004

You need a capture card, not a TV card to transfer and process analogue to digital for copying to DVD. The capture card is the important bit.

The graphics card is immaterial to this process other than allowing you to see what's going on. It takes no part in the process of conversion so any old card will do the job. Obviously the better quality ones will allow you to see a bit better what's happening but don't rely on what you see is what you're getting in the conversion.


  Inky 16:55 11 Mar 2004

Thanks Edstow. If the PC is advertised as allowing TV to be save to hard disk, does that mean I could take out the aerial lead and output from a VHSC camcorder and save the video that way?

  y_not 17:00 11 Mar 2004

You need a graphics card which advertises "VIVO" - Video in/Video out

This allows you, using a scart to phono lead, to connect the VHS player to PC to copy tapes to digital format OR from digital format back to VHS tape.

Alternatively you could opt for one of the USB capture devices that you plug the phonos into (instead of the graphics card) .... if this is of interest checkout the pinnacle website click here

  mole44 17:00 11 Mar 2004

as above for comments i do video editing and have installed 1gig of ram

  Edstow 17:27 11 Mar 2004

I think you'll find VIVO cards are very expensive also, a PC with a TV recording capability will have a TV tuner installed which is something different again.

This may be interesting for you click here


  Inky 08:26 12 Mar 2004

Thanks Edstow

It was that thread that started me questioning what I needed because it seemed a capture card was about the only cheapish way of doing it.

I have since been to Toys r us who are advertising a PC with vieo and audio in/out and they say The built in NVidia GeFroce FX5200 256Mb will do the job no problem.

I've been ultra cautious as I'm one of those people who bought a Pentium 133 7 years ago after magazines extolled the virtue of a Pentium 100 for video editing!!

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