graphics cards for photo editing

  orsta 16:27 05 Sep 2013

I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card from a Geoforce 8600GT to something more suited for photo editing (large files).

Has anyone any ideas as to what I should be looking to purchase?


  Chronos the 2nd 17:04 05 Sep 2013

I think that apart from a couple of programs that will use a reasonably decent graphics card anything that you upgrade to will be fine. What about the rest of your components? CPU and RAM for instance?

  orsta 18:14 05 Sep 2013

What about the rest of your components? CPU and RAM for instance?

Currently I have an AMD Athlon Duel Core 4400+ CPU and 4gb of RAM. Towards Christmas, I'll be looking to bring those up to date as well.

  hssutton 18:36 05 Sep 2013

I'm using a cheap Geoforce GT 640 to run Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom and find it perfect. Mind you I do have an I5 quad core + 16Gb ram. This handles everything I throw at it, including up to 14 120Gb Tiff files for photo stacking

  orsta 18:47 05 Sep 2013

I do have an I5 quad core + 16Gb ram

Funny you should mention that. I was think along the lines of an i5.

I'll have a look at the Geoforce GT640. If it can handle your Tiffs, my RAW files should be OK with Elements 10.

  hssutton 19:02 05 Sep 2013

Obviously my Tiffs are derived from raw files for which I use Lightroom. Raw files from my camera are in the region of 24Mb

  martd7 21:19 05 Sep 2013

Matrox are known for their quality when it comes to rendering etc

click here

  orsta 14:23 06 Sep 2013

Thanks for the link, mart7, but £187 is beyond me at the moment. Especially as I am looking to upgrade my motherboard etc in the near future.

I have seen a Geoforce GT630 for around £50-60, which I will probably be buying.

  woodchip 14:48 06 Sep 2013

as above for editing Photos, its not so much a better card. But you do need a Fast CPU and plenty of Memory if dealing with large file. But why do you need Large File. My bet is you do not Print anything bigger than A4 in which case you need to reduce the picture size or Quality in which you capture Photos. From about 5meg Pixel it should be good enough for most peoples needs

  orsta 19:01 06 Sep 2013

Interesting points Woodchip, A faster chip in a month or two is my next step after the graphics card. Currently looking at an i5 and a minimum of 8gb of RAM. The choice of card was based on hssutton's using a similar card.

On photo sizes, I shot RAW, which is why the file sizes are large and often print A3.

I am always willing to heed advice and change things if needed.

  orsta 13:35 24 Sep 2013

We now have an nVidea Geoforce 630GT with 4gb DDR3 onboard. Extremly happy.


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