Graphics Cards. Nvidia or AMD?

  mb666 22:43 17 Sep 2013

Hi guys.

Looking at getting a custom built Vortex IV from PC Specialist.

Spec price is now up to about £1900. 32gb Kingston Ram, i7 Quad Processor, 120gb SSD, 1tb Seagate Hybrid, plus other enhancements I have chosen.

However, the graphic card is a mystery in truth. Standard NVIDIA GTX 770M 3gb makes the cost around £1913. The AMD Radeon HD 8970M 4gb makes it just under £2000. Both are DDR5 Video Ram - DirectX 11.

There is a 4gb NVIDIA card, but another £200 more - no chance!

Basically, out of the NVIDIA 3gb and AMD 4gb - which should I go for?

Main uses for new machine - multi displays, gaming (Skyrim and other similar 3D graphic intensive games) video and image editing.

I would like to arrange the building of this unit soon, but want to make the right choices for the components.

Any help or advice is, as ever, hugely appreciated.

  mb666 11:20 18 Sep 2013

Anymore help from the daytime Techies, please?

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:11 18 Sep 2013

The diferences between the two graphics cards, in use, are likely to be too small to notice. I would go with the 770M and save a little money. See this basic comparison: 770M vs 8970M.

  mb666 16:13 18 Sep 2013

Thank you the reply Mr M.

Just what I needed. To be honest I'll probably end up with the AMD - slightly more power for not a lot more cash.

Anybody else have any opinions?

  Knuutr 19:06 18 Sep 2013

click here is rank #15 and GTX 770M is rank #29 stating the AMD is much stronger.


  Knuutr 19:11 18 Sep 2013

Sorry, I am new to this forum and cannot find the way to edit my posts

I meant:

8970M is rank #15 and GTX 770M is rank #29 stating the AMD is much stronger.

Comparison here - click here

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