Graphics Cards need some help.

  Ex plorer 00:30 19 Sep 2005

Looking to fit a graphics card I would like some advice on what to buy.

I am not into gaming its just that I am having problems as what is on board is insufficient.

There is no spare plate at the back to fasten the card to.

I am not bothered about TV out etc.

One other thing are all cards the same for slotting in or do they differ.

Running XP.


  GaT7 00:53 19 Sep 2005

Please tell us your motherboard make & model number, or if you know, whether is has an AGP slot & at least one free PCI slot - as the graphic cards come in different slot varieties. G

  GaT7 00:55 19 Sep 2005

Should actually read: "...whether it has an AGP slot OR at least one free PCI slot...". G

  Ex plorer 01:35 19 Sep 2005

It says Sata Raid on the booklet that came with the PC.

I had a look inside a week or two back and it looks different to the manual.

There were three PCI slots but the manual shows only two one slot was taken up by the networking card and there were two spare slots.

The slot I am certain was an AGP but in the book refers to it as a PCI express.

I will look tomorrow as this really can’t be giving you much to go on sorry.


  Ex plorer 13:03 19 Sep 2005

Hi there Ok had a look inside the Pc this morning please ignor the last post.

I picked up the wrong Manuel I have two PCs.

There is one PCI Slot left of two, and one other slot above and slightly to one side which I believe to be the place for the Graphics card and is referred to as a PCI Express.

Both slots have only one bridge in them.

It has a 2.8Ghz intel chip. The P.c. is only used for photo Editing.

Motherboard, Found the Words, Radion ATI Express?

Hope this is of some help.


  Ex plorer 16:03 19 Sep 2005

Hi thanks for the advice

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