Graphics Cards - Geforce4 Ti4600 v Geforce FX5600

  PA28 14:57 28 Jul 2003

Have trawled a few sites to try to get a comparison of whether the above upgrade (which my rich son is proposing) is likely to be worthwhile. His system is AMD Athlon XP2600 with 512mbDDR. He plays FS2002 (soon 2004), plus a number of other games with intensive graphics. On specs alone, the upgrade would appear to be just worthwhile, but has anyone actually done it and was it worthwhile?

  PA28 15:13 28 Jul 2003

He's running under XP, by the way. Any views please?

  PA28 18:51 28 Jul 2003

Thanks. I think it is this (excellent) review by PC-Pro that has got the upgrade-itis going again in the graphics department. Question is - is this an upgrade as the FX5600 is widely billed as the replacement for the Ti4600. My son's dillemma is if he forks out £150 for the MSI or similar card, will there be an apprciable difference to his existing Ti4600. The site signposted by DieSse (thanks) suggests that the difference may not be that great. Anyone bought an FX5600 and can comment?

  Rayuk 19:19 28 Jul 2003

Run the 3DMark03 for his Ti4600 and compare benchmark with the FX5600[in other mag] see how much of a difference it is.

  Rayuk 19:56 28 Jul 2003

So in effect the best thing to do is hold back till DirectX9 games start appearing then look again,and you will be able to get a better card at a better price.
Thanks JoeMcG had missed that point when giving my opinion.

  PA28 08:17 30 Jul 2003

Many thanks to all. Results appear to be conclusive here - not worth doing. Now I'll bet he'll be watching the prices on the 5900!!! Thanks

  PA28 22:13 22 Aug 2003

Post note - I caught the bug from my son and upgraded my MX440 to the MSI 5600. At the same time, FS2004 has been released which runs under DX9. I DID get a performance boost!

... probably chancing my luck now continuing in 98SE!

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