Graphics Cards ?? G-eforce FX or Ti, or Radeon ATI

  GrimNir 11:16 13 Dec 2003

I have a Leadtek A280TD (Ge-Force 4 Ti 4200 64MB) I want to know if the Leadtek A340T (Ge-Force FX5200 64MB) is better or not ??

In other words are the FX5200 range better than the top end of the Ge-Force 4 Ti 4ooo range ??

And how do they compare to the Sapphire Radeon 9200SE Atlantis 64MB ???

I have heard from a few gamers online that the Ge-Force FX 5600 range is unstable only lasting about 9 months, of hard core gaming ??? True or false??

I have also been advised to get a 256MB card so:-
Winfast A340 TD256 Fx5200 256MB or Sapphire Radeon 9200 8x AGP 256MB ?????

Are you thinking about buying one?

If so how much have you got to spend, that way i am sure that someone will be able to point you in the right direction of what card to get..

If you like games then my advice would be not to get any of the lower range card's ATI 9200, FX5200


Well 2004 will be a big year for games.

Half life 2 and Doom 3 out, they both are going to require some hefty kit to get them looking like they should. The cheaper cards that you mention will be able to cope, but very poorly.

So if you say how much you are willing to spend then we can help a bit more....

  GrimNir 11:45 13 Dec 2003

Thanks. I appreciate that

I was wondering if I could do a cheap upgrade about £100. And put my old card in the machine I am building for my daughter (she's only 10yrs so doesn't require much)

Instead I will wait and buy better next year for myself. And just put something cheap in my daughters (anything should do her so I'll get cheapest Ge-force card then)

It is a bit more than £100 but a ATI Raedon 9800SE is about £160.

This you can overclock to speeds that match the 9800 Pro a card that costs about £300.

This would be more than adequate for all the latest games for the next year or so....

  ©®@$? 12:15 13 Dec 2003

your current graphics card is better than both of those cards ur looking at

  ©®@$? 12:21 13 Dec 2003

i bought an ati radeon 9600pro which has a core speed of 400mhz,memory clock speed of 600mhz,it comes with dvi,tv-out and has monitoring software and overclocking software

bought it for £117

and plays all the latest games very well

e.g need for speed underground,call of duty,halo,ess pro evolution soccer and more

they play great, and my system hasnt even got the most out of the graphics card, my system is now the bottleneck to my graphics card

i have an 1400mhz athlon and 384 sdram, if i had a better spec, i would get even mor eout of this garphics card

worth a look click here

p.s it seems that the graphics card has gone up in price i was lucky at the time then ;-)

click here
It is £127 excluding VAT (£150 overall) About the same as the 9600 pro performance wise but you can make it goa lot faster than the 95600 pro with some tweaking.

  A Cat Called George 13:00 13 Dec 2003

I had a Geforce 4 ti 4200 128MB ddr and swapped it for a Geforce fx 5200 256MB ddr card and although the image quality was good, it was significantly slower and I quickly changed it again for a Geforce fx 5900 128MB ddr card.

  Andy 999 14:07 13 Dec 2003

I have a ti4200 128mb ddr just like you did george and the frame rates are quite good on it. The ti range do have better rates than the FX and the ti4200 is easily overclockable in windows to beat speeds on the ti4400 even with the stock cooling. I bought it for about 80quid from a computer shop and you could probably pick them up same price from a computer fair or something. I usually get around 60-150 fps on it on games like mohaa and quite a good speed on bf1942 on its quality settings turned up. Also, the other pc components determine the speed so if you have a faster machine than mine (1.6ghz athlon) you should get even faster. ;-)


  hector 911 15:09 13 Dec 2003

the whole nvidia FX range is improved by the new 53.03 driver.

if you have the FX5200 card, definitely worth installing new driver

but if I were buying, probalbly FX5600 or above for games, also a lot of people seem to whack up AA, and AF to highest settings, which will slow games on a lot of PCs.

  GrimNir 17:26 13 Dec 2003

My system is
Asus A7N8X-X SKT A Nforce2 AGP X8 Sound USB 2.0 Motherboard
AMD ATHLON XP2600 333FSB 256Cache
512 DDR ram PC3200
Upgraded IDE cables
GoldPlated 600 watt power
Ge-Force 4 Ti 4200 64mb

(oh and this is my 4th motherboard of this type all others were faulty!!! DON't get this motherboard.... the first one blew my Top of the range Ge-Force 4 card which is why I've got a cheaper one now! ebuyer just ignored the complaint!! )

Sounds like I should just get a cheap card for my daughters machine and stick with what I have got for myself and then up grade to a top Radeon next year. ...

SO FOR MY DAUGHTERS (she's only 10yrs) MACHINE A DECENT graphics card for about £40 then. Remembering it doesn't have to do much.

Leadtek Winfast A340-T Fx5200 AGPx8 64MB TV-Out nView Multi-display Technology for £37
Leadtek Winfast A180T Mx440 8x AGP 64MB DDR Tv-Out £36 (from old ge-force range??)

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