Graphics Cards: Differences?

  Andrew P 16:09 13 May 2003

Hi all,

Does anyone know which graphics card is the better of these two?

NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti500 64MB,


NVIDIA GeForce4 MX420 64MB?

I think that the first one is at the top end of the old GeForce3 range, and the second one is at the bottom end of the new GeForce4 range. Does this mean anything? which card should perform better overall, and are there any differences between them?

Andrew P.

  Hotfingers 16:13 13 May 2003

I would personally never go for an MX as they are
half a card. I think that the MX will be slower
than the GF3, however you could look at some
reviews either on this website or
click here Which one you go for depends
on your budget and what you need the card for. If
you have the money for the GF3 and want good
performance on games then go fo it. If however
you are only going to be playing solitaire and
using office you may as well save your money and
go for the MX.

  [email protected] 16:36 13 May 2003

I replaced a gForce2MX with a gForce4ti 4200 AND upped the cpu from 850Mhz to 1.3Ghz AND upped the SDRRAM X2 to 512Mhz and it was a waste of money. On FS2K2 I really think its worse! perhaps some incompatibility with the mobo but there it is. Lesson to be learned there somewhere.

  Sion 16:40 13 May 2003

The Geforce 3 Ti500 is faster than the MX card, by quite a margin.

Its because it has an Nfinite FX engine in it, which ultimately makes it a Direct X 8 compatible card. The MX card does not have these features however, and is really aimed at the VERY occasional gamer, or standard PC user.

What is your bidget for a new graphics card, because i think you should be able to pick up a GeForce4 Ti4200 for the same price as a Geforce 3 Ti500, which is faster again.

  Rayuk 18:28 13 May 2003

This chart may help you decide
click here

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